08/27/2012 04:40 EDT | Updated 10/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Senator's wife released from jail

Maygan Sensenberger, the senator's wife accused of causing a disturbance on a plane, is now out of jail — but is headed for domestic violence court in Saskatoon.

Sensenberger, 23, had been in custody since she was arrested Thursday night at the Saskatoon airport.

Following a bail hearing Monday, a provincial court judge released her with conditions, including that she have no contact with her husband, Manitoba Liberal Senator Rod Zimmer.

Sensenberger had been on a flight with Zimmer, 69, when, according to police, there was some kind of disturbance.

According to court documents CBC News obtained on Friday, it's alleged she threatened to "take down" the aircraft. She has been charged with endangering a flight and causing a disturbance.

However, a man who was on the flight has told CBC News the woman was distraught because her husband was having chest pains.

Sensenberger, who was represented by a Legal Aid lawyer on Monday, didn't talk to reporters as she left the courthouse. She got into a car and drove off.

Zimmer also was at the courthouse. He wasn't available for an interview.

At domestic violence court, some cases can be handled through mediation, and in certain cases the accused don't end up with a criminal record.