08/28/2012 05:31 EDT | Updated 10/28/2012 05:12 EDT

No charges after woman killed in cruiser collision

Ontario’s police watchdog has found no grounds to charge an officer whose cruiser struck and killed a woman in Toronto last month.

Satyawatti (Janet) Katryan died on the afternoon of Saturday, July 28, when she was hit by a police cruiser on Highway 27, near Rexdale Boulevard.

The police cruiser was one of several involved with leading a funeral procession when the collision occurred.

A news release issued Tuesday by the Special Investigations Unit said Katryan was jaywalking on a part of the road where "pedestrians are not allowed" and had her head turned away from the approaching police car.

The SIU said that the officer tried to slow down, but “could not avoid striking her” with his northbound vehicle.

After the collision, the officer attempted to help Katryan, who was lying unconscious on the road. She was soon pronounced dead.

"While her death is tragic, she was in my view the author of her own misfortune when she chose to cross this highway at a prohibited location and not pay attention to the oncoming traffic," SIU director Ian Scott said in a statement.

Katryan, 64, was just weeks from retirement at the time of her death. She had worked in a warehouse for The Shopping Channel.

The SIU investigates all incident involving police in which death or serious injury occur, or when allegations of sexual assault are raised.