BC Hydro Smart Meters: Citizens' Group Alleges Discrimination In Human Rights Complaint

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The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has asked a citizens' group to come back with an amended complaint in its ongoing crusade against smart meters.

A tribunal decision released Tuesday says the Citizens for Safe Technology Society's complaint against BC Hydro's smart meter program is "too broad" in defining the alleged discrimination.

The society alleges that BC Hydro is discriminating against a class of persons on the basis of physical disability, saying that those with "electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or medical conditions who are medically advised to avoid exposure to wireless smart meters" are having meters installed in their homes regardless.

Tribunal member Enid Marion said that the complaint "casts too broad a net," saying it is "unmanageable" to have a "plethora of various medical conditions" that have to be proven and linked to discrimination.

Marion also said that while membership in a class of persons may be "open-ended," the characteristics of the group must be less broad to more clearly define membership.

If the society wishes to have its complaint heard, it must come back to the tribunal restricting its complaint to people who have been allegedly diagnosed with EHS.

The society defines EHS as an "environmental sensitivity resulting in an inability to be well while residing in a residence... in which a wireless smart meter has been installed," 24 Hours Vancouver reported.

The society has 30 days to re-file their complaint against BC Hydro's smart meter program, CKNW reported.

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