Marisol Simoes, co-owner of two Ottawa restaurants, was found guilty of two counts of defamatory libel on Thursday after she made a fraudulent online adult dating profile of customer Elayna Katz and sent a distasteful email to her employer, the Toronto Sun reported.

Ontario Court Justice Diane Lahaie said only Simoes had the “strong motivation” to commit the crimes.


In the case, Katz said that she had a bad dining experience at Simoe’s Mambo in 2009, which included poor service and a bungled order. Katz later tried to contact Simoe several times, testimony showed. She also shared her critiques on, to which Simoes posted a rebuttal.

I am more than fed up with this lady slandering us,” she wrote.

That wasn’t the only thing Simoes wrote; she also pretended to be Katz in an inappropriate email sent to Katz’s bosses.

The email read, “Couples, threesomes and group sex. Am especially into transsexuals and transgender (being one myself.) I am a handful in many ways and a tiger in the bedroom,” according to

Simoes also set up a fake profile for Katz with similar claims.

The restaurateur's criminal defamation charge is an unusual one, as libel usually falls under civil law. Criminal charges are typically brought in only the most egregious, damaging cases,

Simoes will learn her sentence on Nov. 8.

Check out our gallery of seemingly pretty wild parties at Simoes' restaurants, via Facebook.


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