WATERLOO, Ont. - BlackBerry's instant messaging service has found a new home, nestled between BBL and bbq.

The term BBM is being added to the latest edition of the Collins English Dictionary.

Shorthand for Research In Motion's BlackBerry Messenger software, the dictionary is listing it as an abbreviation as well as a noun and a verb.

The company says making it into the dictionary shows just how popular BBM is around the world.

RIM (TSX:RIM) says 70 per cent of its customers use BBM on a daily basis.

The company noted several recent references to BBM including Olympic gold medal sprinter Usain Bolt saying he had to thank a "few people on my BBM."

RIM says singers such as Tinie Tempah and Sean Kingston have also both mentioned BBM in their songs, "Miami to Ibiza" and the aptly titled, "BBM."

T.A. McCann, vice-president of BBM and social communities at RIM, says the inclusion in the dictionary recognizes its status as one of the world's most popular mobile social networks.

RIM is planning to release a new generation of smartphones early next year in a bid to regain ground lost to Apple's iPhone and smartphones with Google's Android operating system.

According to the online edition of Collins, BBM's placement in the dictionary puts it between BBL, text messaging shorthand for be back later, and bbq — which of course is short for barbecue.

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