Conservation authorities have ended an hours-long pursuit of an adult black bear in Burnaby, B.C., by tranquilizing the animal and transporting it away.

The bear was first reported in north Burnaby Thursday morning and by late in the afternoon it had made its way down to the area of the Sperling SkyTrain station, crossed Lougheed Highway and headed for the Burnaby Lake area.

The bear — estimated to weigh about 100 kilograms — was finally surrounded after it had climbed a tree in a residential backyard during the early evening before it was shot with a tranquilizing dart.

But instead of falling out of the tree, the bear fell unconscious where it sat and a conservation officer had to climb and push the animal out onto a tarp held by police and conservation officers below.

The bear was being transported deep into the Fraser Valley Thursday night, where it will be released into the wild.

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