On Saturday, the 38th (!) season of Saturday Night Live premieres, bringing with it the possibility of several musical sketches that we will cherish for, like, ever, even despite the departure of Andy Samberg, SNL's ex-resident music-making Lonely Islander.

But before this ship sets sail, let's take a walk down memory lane -- just picture Wayne and Garth doing that "doodle-oodle-oo" flashback thing -- to commemorate our 10 favourite musical moments in Saturday Night Live history.

From Michael Bolton to Beyonce to that brilliant, behind-the-scenes viral clip involving Taran Killam and Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend," these are the numbers that will forever replay in our hearts and minds -- or at least on our iPhones and laptops. Same-same.

Live...from The Huffington Post it's SNL's best music sketches! (cue cheers, and roll fake commercial).

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  • Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze Audition for Chippendale's (1990)

    Chippendale's has a reputation to uphold, and that's exactly why judges Kevin Nealon, Jan Hooks and Mike Myers forced their talent to endure the ultimate endurance test. Whether they made the right choice is up for debate -- especially since each dancer brought something so special.

  • 2. Taran Killam nails Robyn's chorography (2011)

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that's why we assume Taran Killam spent precious hours of a writing night perfecting Robyn's steps to "Call Your Girlfriend." Hopeful next step: Robyn pays tribute to Killam by featuring an unenthusiastic Bobby Moynihan in her next video.

  • 3. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Premiere 'The Barry Gibb Talk Show' (2003)

    The dynamic between two brothers can be complicated, but fortunately Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake offered a glimpse into the relationship between Barry and Robin Gibb. "Nights On Broadway" couldn't make political debate drama-free, but it sure breathed new life into chest hair and shiny gold medallions.

  • 4. Michael Bolton Sings "Jack Sparrow" (2011)

    Imagine your artistic vision being shattered by one's man obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean. Fortunately, The Lonely Island lived the nightmare for us when their collaboration with Michael Bolton turned into a musical tribute to a pirate, his hat, and the sea. Ahoy.

  • 5. Marty and Bobby Interpret 2012-era Pop Music (2012)

    It had been years since teachers Marty (Will Ferrell) and Bobby (Ana Gasteyer) used the power of music to champion drug awareness, so their triumphant return served to remind us all that the medium truly is the message.

  • 6. Beyonce Meets Her Backup Dancers (2008)

    He may have won movie roles and Jessica Biel's heart, but not even Justin Timberlake could pull off heels and a onesie for Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Paul Rudd, on the other hand... wait, no. Too far.

  • 7. Nick the Lounge Singer Trumps John Williams (1978)

    The only thing missing from Star Wars was a pop hook, and luckily Bill Murray stepped up to boost John Williams' efforts. Too bad Obi Wan wouldn't be around to see this.

  • 8. The Blues Brothers Perform (1978)

    Forget everything you remember about The Blues Brothers 2000: when Dan Akroyd and John Belushi first belted out "Soul Man," thoughts of anything but pure magic were erased from minds everywhere. Thirty-four years later not even Dan Arkoyd's recent wine label can make us feel this dizzy.

  • 9. The Cast Pines for Christmas (2006)

    And frankly, who doesn't? So to better embody the feelings of holiday aficionados worldwide, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Horatio Sanz and Tracy Morgan sang a simple Christmas song that eclipses most carols today. (Minus Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas," obviously).

  • 10. Jimmy Fallon Leaves the Show With a Bang (2004)

    We KNEW there was something going on between Tina and Jimmy. And that "something" was clearly a polite, professional, totally chaste relationship, as articulated by this <em>Grease </em>sendup.

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  • The Californians

    In this dress rehearsal sketch on Kristen Wiig's finale episode, Bill Hader can NOT keep it together.

  • Debbie Downer

    This sketch lives on as one of the most famous instances of the entire cast losing it.

  • Jeffrey's

    Just wait until Horatio Sanz comes in...

  • Stefon

    The secret behind Stefon's hilarious breaks? That would be writer John Mulaney, who <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/30/bill-hader-bill-simmons-podcast-snl_n_1393587.html" target="_hplink">purposefully changes the cue cards</a> before showtime so that Hader can hardly believe what he's reading. In this edition, there's also the big Seth Meyers and Stefon kiss to crack up about.

  • The Barry Gibb Talk Show

    In this first edition of the great recurring Justin Timberlake/Jimmy Fallon sketch, you can see Timberlake lower his head in an attempt to mask his laughter. This just proves: when Fallon is in a sketch, he's either cracking up or making someone crack up.

  • Love-ahs

    At around 5:04, after Drew Barrymore joins the "hottub," Will Ferrell, Rachel Dratch and Jimmy Fallon can hardly get through the script.

  • Van Down By The River

    Young Christina Applegate and David Spade understandably crack up after just a few minutes with Chris Farley's iconic Matt Foley character.

  • Scared Straight

    Hilarity ensues when Jason Sudeikis slightly misses the desk at the end.

  • Aquarium Guys

    At around the 4:15 mark, notorious breaker Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz completely lose it.

  • Extremely Stupid

    At around the :43 second mark, Candace Bergen forgets Gilda Radner's character's name and pretty much never recovers.

  • More Cowbell

    This sketch became such an instant Will Ferrell classic that it's easy to forget how Jimmy Fallon giggled through almost the entire thing.

  • Super Showcase

    Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph save this drowning sketch with their inability to hold it together.

  • The Leatherman

    Once again, Jimmy Fallon supplies the giggles through the entire sketch, but it's still terrific.

  • Cork Soakers

    Janet Jackson has a little trouble with the wordplay.

  • Gus Chiggins (Dress Rehearsal)

    It's really a travesty that this sketch never made it to air!

  • Debbie Downer (Again)

    Watch until end to hear Ben Affleck attempt to deliver lines in a high-pitched whimper.

  • Garth and Kat

    Due to the improvised nature of the bit, Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen almost never get through "Garth and Kat" without a few breaks.

  • Dad & Son Go Hunting

    After a missed sound effect around the 1:18 mark, you can tell that Dana Carvey and Will Ferrell have to try hard not to lose it.

  • Bonus: Phil Hartman Bloopers

    We couldn't find each of these online, so here's a compilation of some of Hartman's funniest bloopers.

  • Bonus: Chris Farley Bloopers

    Farley had too many unexpectedly funny moments on "SNL." This video captures some of his best bloopers and breaks.