09/17/2012 06:10 EDT | Updated 11/17/2012 05:12 EST

NHL Lockout: Oilers, Flames Fans React (TWEETS)


It's a province divided.. over the NHL lockout.

Flames and Oilers fans can expect neither team will suit up and hit the ice for pre-season games. It's not looking great for the start of regular season, either.

Of course, this leaves fans with a lot of questions. How long will the lockout last? Will it last as long as the '05-'06 lockout? Has Jarome Iginla played his last game as a Flame? Will the 26 Oilers sent down to the AHL's Oklahoma City Barons build a super team? What about other players? Will they play for European teams? Farm teams? Golf in southern California?

So. Many. Questions.

One thing that's not up for question, however, is how Alberta hockey fans are reacting to the lockout. It comes down to three options: 1) They are really upset, 2) They could really care less or 3) The lockout is just an excuse to get in a funny joke.

In the former category we have fans like Jamie O'Connell (@JamieLite957FM) of Edmonton. "I'm so mad...I want hockey...correct that...I want @NHL_Oilers hockey!!!" she tweeted on Saturday.

Matt (@MackerDesign) had similar feelings. "So depressing that I'm doomed to hear about nothing but football all season... #nhllockout I miss my @NHL_Oilers already."


And then there are those for which the lockout means no love lost. Facebook followers of the Huffington Post Alberta shared their feelings about the looming lockout late last week. We asked them "Do you care if there is an NHL lockout this season?"

Scott Rabie said "I was going to care but then I just kept living my life."

Hamish Blair was a bit more rabid in his response, telling us "Apparently I, and the previous posters, don't live in a trailer park, drink OV, and live vicariously through a bunch of supercilious overbearing pretentious sports figures that are grossly overpaid and morbidly idolized by the Players Light smoking douchebags. While I recognize they have a talent in their field, what good does it do for the rest of society and ultimately, humanity. F*** 'em. Let them play golf."

Tell us how you really feel, Hamish.

Those neither upset nor indifferent were looking for the humour in the situation - mostly at both teams' expense.

Loosh Philbin (@5x_the_density) took a shot at the Flames' poor performance in past seasons with "It's official ! The Calgary Flames and Columbus Blue Jackets have officially delayed the day they are eliminated from the playoffs."

Paul Newnham (@newnhamkelowna) shared a similar tweet about the Oilers. "#Oilers fans must be happy there's a Lockout. If they don't play, they're finally finish with a .500 record."

Ouch, guys. Ouch.

Are you mad or indifferent to the lockout? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to check out more Twitter reaction in our gallery below.

Alberta Reacts To #NHLLockout