09/19/2012 03:48 EDT | Updated 11/19/2012 05:12 EST

Ontario's Pedestrian Death Review quickfacts

TORONTO - Ontario's Office of the Chief Coroner released a review into pedestrian deaths on Wednesday.

Some findings:

— 67 per cent of fatalities occurred on roads with speed limits above 50 km/h.

— Five per cent of deaths occurred at speed limits below 50 km/h.

— Seniors (13.2% of population) accounted for 36% of deaths.

— Children accounted for 3% of deaths.

— Peak hours for collisions between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m., Monday to Friday.

— January is the deadliest month.

— 76% of fatalities occurred in urban areas.

— 31% hit crossing mid-block, 14% on sidewalk or shoulder, 25% at intersections.

— Drivers and pedestrians roughly equally responsible.

Among recommendations:

— Design streets to be safe, convenient and comfortable for every user.

— The province should develop a "walking strategy" and safety education program.

— Earmark infrastructure funding for pedestrian facilities.

— Lower unsigned default speed limit to 40 km/h on residential streets from 50 km/h.

— Allow municipalities to erect non-signalized pedestrian crossings in mid-block areas.

— Transport Canada should make side-guards mandatory on heavy trucks.

SOURCE: Pedestrian Deaths Review, Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario