Just where is Winnipeg, Manitoba?

09/22/2012 04:08 EDT | Updated 11/22/2012 05:12 EST
A few days after a geography gaffe by Toronto's mayor on the location of Winnipeg, an American morning talk show has — erroneously — pegged the city's location as being in Ontario.

The mistake, on the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning, was all the more embarrassing considering that the guest at the time was Sam Katz, Winnipeg's mayor.

The program was doing a feature on Winnipeg transit driver Kris Doubledee whose act of generosity — stopping to give a barefoot man his own shoes — garnered international attention.

It would have been an ideal opportunity for the city to showcase its warmth, but the program incorrectly identified Katz as being the mayor of "Winnipeg, Ontario".

The heart of the story, however, was intact, with Doubledee explaining how his singular act of kindness came about.

Doubledee said he noticed the man had no shoes on a chilly morning and offered his own.

"'If I give you a pair of shoes, will you keep them?'" Doubledee said he asked the man. "He said yes, so I gave him mine."

Katz also appeared on the program to applaud the driver's action.

"It should make us all think about what others are going through and give someone a hand up," he said.

Doubledee's story came to light when a passenger discussed, online, what the driver did.

The driver remained anonymous for a few days but as the media attention increased, Doubledee shared his simple story of generosity.

Winnipeg's location also stumped Toronto Mayor Rob Ford who confused the location with Detroit during a visit to Chicago Sept. 19. At the time, Winnipeg's Katz was understanding and noted it was not unusual for politicians to mix up geographic references.