A mountaineer from Revelstoke, B.C., is being hailed for his efforts to save fellow climbers from a deadly avalanche in the Himalayas.

Greg Hill was the videographer for an expedition that aimed to see two German climbers reach a speed climbing record to the top of Mount Manaslu in Nepal, one of the world's highest peaks, the Vancouver Sun reported.

At about 5 a.m. Sunday, an avalanche hit a separate camp, catching people while they were sleeping.

Hill wrote on his Facebook page, "A huge avalanche swept through Camp 3 at 4:45 a.m. on Manaslu, catching lots of people in their sleeping bags, many dead and injured," the Sun said.

Hill's team was sleeping at a separate camp and was immediately at the scene to help rescue people, EpicTV reported.

The team managed to pluck U.S. skier Glen Plake out of a crevasse and rescue others but a number of people did not survive the slide.

Dominique Ouimet, a Quebec cardiologist, is still missing after the slide.

Hill is expected to return home but some of his teammates expect to continue the ascent up the 8,156-metre peak, the Calgary Sun reported.

The Mount Manaslu avalanche struck at about 7,000 metres, killing at least nine. Ten climbers survived and were flown to hospital via helicopter.

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