09/27/2012 10:07 EDT | Updated 11/27/2012 05:12 EST

Vote by numbers: Woodworth's 'when life begins' motion

294 MPs voted Wednesday on Conservative backbencher Stephen Woodworth's motion calling for a Commons committee to study "when life begins."

Here's how those votes break down:

Of the 91 votes cast in favour of the committee studying the issue:

- 87 were Conservative MPs (53% of the Tory caucus).

- 10 were cabinet ministers or ministers of state (roughly one-third of cabinet).

- 10 were parliamentary secretaries.

- 4 were Liberal MPs (11% of the Liberal caucus).

- None were NDP, BQ, Green or Independent MPs.

Of the 74 women who currently sit in the House of Commons:

- 7 voted in favour of the motion (all Conservative).

- 4 female cabinet ministers or ministers of state voted in favour.

- No female MPs missed the vote.

10 MPsdid not vote. (Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer was in the chair and also did not vote.)

They've cited specific reasons for their absences, including the Yom Kippur Jewish holiday, travel on official business, scheduling conflicts or personal/family matters:

- Conservative cabinet ministers Joe Oliver and Vic Toews.

- New Democrats Fin Donnelly, Peter Julian, John Rafferty and Roméo Saganash.

- Liberals Denis Coderre, Irwin Cotler and Stéphane Dion.

- Bloc Québécois Jean-François Fortin.

Note: Three Commons seats are currently vacant.