10/07/2012 03:38 EDT | Updated 12/07/2012 05:12 EST

One arrest in Montreal rally against police brutality

About 350 people took to the streets of Montreal to protest police brutality on Saturday night.

The protest started around 9 p.m. at Place Émilie-Gamelin, and was deemed illegal from the start because the route was not given to Montreal police. Authorities did, however, decide to tolerate the protest.

"A lot of people got wounded, a lot of people got jailed, and so we're asking for amnesty for everybody now," said Ricardo Vera, one of the participants.

According to Sgt. Laurent Gingras of the Montreal police, two flares were shot and some construction signs were taken down.

Police arrested one person who had launched a flare. The person was freed after being given a ticket.

The protest was over by 11 p.m.

A Facebook page for the event mentions that Montreal police have rejected 46 complaints stemming from the student crisis.