10/08/2012 03:52 EDT | Updated 12/08/2012 05:12 EST

Scott Mission serves up Thanksgiving feasts

The kitchen was bustling at the downtown Scott Mission Monday afternoon, as hundreds of diners gobbled up their Thanksgiving feasts.

About 20 volunteers had been working, many since 8 a.m., to prepare more than 300 warm meals for those in need.

Among the hardworking chefs was Ranjith Molligoda, who was hoping that hundreds of people would be pleased with the menu.

"Today, we are giving turkey with cranberry sauce and gravy and stuffing and mixed vegetables, plus roasted potatoes, plus soup," he said.

A lineup had formed to get inside the centre, but volunteers assured nobody would be turned away. Some began lining up an hour ahead of time.

In the dining hall, every table had a drink box, slice of pie and portion of vegetables.

One of the first people to receive a meal was Jay, who said the mission was also offering plenty of smiles for people who might need it the most around this time of year.

"It's like right at home," he said. "It's like being with family, almost. You see smiles on everybody's face."

Allison Hensen, who volunteers at the mission every weekend, said she was more than happy to help provide a bit of cheer for people without any place to go for the holidays.

"It definitely means a lot to a lot of people," she said. "It's become like their family, even. They can come and can sit down with other people that they know, and have this Thanksgiving meal with their own little family."

The Daily Bread Food Bank and other organizations provided the food.