10/08/2012 07:18 EDT | Updated 12/08/2012 05:12 EST

Toronto boy thanks people who pulled car off him

A nine-year-old boy who survived being dragged by a car and pinned underneath it, says he is thankful for the people who came to his rescue.

Abdulle Imdiaze was struck by a car on Thorncliffe Park Drive last month, subsequently becoming pinned under the vehicle and being dragged nearly 15 metres towards a light pole.

A group of witnesses quickly put the car in neutral, lifted it up and pushed it backward, pulling the car off of him.

Amazingly, Imdiaze suffered only non-life threatening injuries in the incident and has since been released from hospital.

Just days after he was struck and dragged by the vehicle, Imdiaze told CBC News he was feeling “good” and he had something to say to the people who helped him.

"Thank you for lifting the car," Imdiaze said in a recent interview.