10/09/2012 02:30 EDT | Updated 12/09/2012 05:12 EST

Bowlers march to save Vancouver bowling alley

Bowlers are planning a rally this afternoon to save the only bowling alley on Vancouver’s Westside.

The bowlers will meet at Varsity Ridge Bowl and march to city hall to protest plans that would see the bowling alley torn down to make room for a condo development.

Carrie Riches, one of three generations of her family to use the lanes, says 700 league bowlers use Varsity Ridge every week.

She calls the bowling alley "a social community centre" that’s been a fixture of the area for half a century.

"This is a location that has cultural heritage beyond just a Ridge sign that’s on the top."

Riches says it's a viable business and wants the city to require the developer to save the lanes.

"We’re talking about wiping this out with one swing of a wrecking ball," she said.

"I believe that the corporations have a responsibility … Let’s ask the corporations to come into the communities, talk with the people that are there and before we swing a wrecking ball, find out what we need to keep."

Supporters say there is no way the bowling alley could survive if forced to pay market rental rates to a developer.