The beautiful Northern Lights paid Alberta a visit last Monday showcasing a stunning display of colours for onlookers. As if on cue, they returned this Monday and were seen across Alberta, giving us one more reason to be thankful for this long weekend.

A statement from a NASA official earlier yesterday explained that a solar eruption may boost Northern Lights on October 8. A huge explosion on the sun last Thursday (Oct. 4) flung a wave of solar particles towards Earth. Travelling at about 400 miles per second, the interaction of the charged particles and Earth's upper atmosphere could create dazzling Northern Lights display, NASA had suggested.

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Here are some amazing captures of Northern Lights across the landscape:

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  • The Aurora Borealis ( or Northern lights ) are spotted over Downtown Edmonton Mon nite. No filter #yeg #yegm

  • Tonight's Aurora Borealis outside of #fortsask and #yeg. #abstorm

  • The Northern Lights over Edmonton tonight ✨❤ #AuroraBorealis #NorthenLights #yeg #edmonton #alberta #gorgeou

  • Aurora tonight! Amazing Near Fort Sask, AB

  • another great night for the northern lights #alberta #yeg #auroraborealis

  • And Some Out East

    The #NorthernLights in Eastern Ontario over top of Canadian Thanksgiving traffic. Some pulled over to watch. #Photo

  • Northern Lights from my back door (Ness, Isle of Lewis)

  • Chilling at home in Edmonton and the Northern Lights are shining bright

Dazzle it did. The sky lit up in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan and as far as the United Kingdom, with people exclaiming their amazement at the Aurora Borealis.

Want to catch these next time? For information and email alerts for Aurora Borealis over Alberta, sign up at Aurora Watch.

And here's what Albertans are saying about the beautiful display:

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