It's generally a worthwhile investment to pick up a few lines of the local language when travelling, particularly if the area you're visiting doesn't include English as a main dialect.

Basic lines like, "hello", "goodbye" and "thank you" are all crucial one-liners, but the most important phrase any traveller will probably want to know is, "Where's the washroom?"

Now, most adventurers would think that finding the right washroom would be as simple as walking through a door with the Roman symbol for Mars or Venus or a capital "M" or "F," but as the slideshow below illustrates, that may not always be the case while travelling abroad.

And given that a certain politician has vehemently expressed his concerns over Canadians using the restroom which corresponds to the gender they were born with, it can't hurt to check out how other countries symbolize men and women, if only to prevent any potentially embarrassing restroom incidents in the near future.

What are some of the washroom signs you've seen while travelling? Feel free to add a pic to the slideshow below or tell us in the comment section.

Washroom signs around the world:

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  • Turkey

    In case you forgot, Turkey's washroom signs gently remind you how it's done. Photo Credit: <a href="">levork</a>

  • Vancouver, Canada

    That goes double for you folks looking to wash your clothes with sponges. Photo Credit: <a href="">keepitsurreal</a>

  • Tokyo, Japan

    What this sign lacks in sense, it makes up in cuteness. And if that doesn't get you to practice proper hygiene, then what will? Photo Credit: <a href="">audrey_sel</a>

  • Seattle, Washington

    Whether you're a man, an alien, or a robot from the future, there's no discrimination when it comes to washrooms at the SciFi Museum in Seattle, Washington. Photo Credit: <a href="">Librarygroover </a>

  • Helsinki, Finland

    So either the men of Finland are capable of jet propulsion or this sign to the men's bathroom is very misleading. Photo Credit: <a href="">mp_ed</a>

  • Helsinki, Finland

    Same story goes for the women's bathroom. Photo Credit: <a href="">mp_ed</a>

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Showering can be pretty tough in the Netherlands and that's why these signs exist. Photo Credit: <a href="">CosmoPolitician</a>

  • Legoland, Illinois

    It would seem that even Lego people need to use the washrooms now and then. Photo Credit: <a href="">Jax House</a>

  • Bequia, Grenadines

    A women's restroom sign in Bequia, Grenadines -- though you probably couldn't guess that from the picture alone. Photo Credit: <a href="">TooFarNorth</a>

  • Bequia, Grenadines

    This sign's a bit more obvious. Photo Credit: <a href="">TooFarNorth</a>

  • Nambia

    It would seem that the 'potty dance' is synonymous even in countries like Nambia. Photo Credit:<a href=""> hobgadlng</a>

  • Daintree, North Queensland Australia

    You think her handbag and shoes are made out of real crocodile skin? Photo Credit:<a href=""> RalphJB</a>

  • Daintree, North Queensland Australia

    Oh hey, crocodiles can use restrooms <em>and</em> they like to eat crabs. Maybe we're not so different after all? Photo Credit:<a href=""> RalphJB</a>

  • Malaysia

    Well, judging by the photo, users can also rule out karaoke sessions and jamming out to your iPod in this washroom. Photo Credit: <a href="">petrr</a>

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Sometimes a simple stick figure just doesn't cut it. Photo Credit: <a href="">Christine Jump</a>

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Is he bending backwards and reaching forwards or is he bending forwards and reaching backwards? You decide. Photo Credit: <a href="">Christine Jump</a>

  • Hawaii, USA

    You know you're in Hawaii when... Photo Credit: <a href="">TooFarNorth</a>

  • Hawaii, USA

    Even the bathroom diagrams wear Hawaiian shirts. Photo Credit: <a href="">TooFarNorth</a>

  • China

    In case you had any doubts <em>prior</em> to entering the men's room. Photo Credit: <a href="">daniellinphoto</a>

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