The day is here. The snow is ready and so is your hockey obsessed heart, yet there is no opening night for the Calgary Flames. It's a sad day for the sport and hockey fans everywhere.

If you're feeling gloomy this Thursday, know that you're not alone. Many hockey fans took to Twitter to express their sadness over the lack of hockey action.

While some blamed greed:

Sucks how there is no season opener tonight. Sad day for sports.

Others didn't exactly miss the Calgary Flames:

Matthew Soukas
the one good thing about the NHL lockout is that we oil fans need not hear about the calgary flames

Some found solace in watching baseball playoffs and others told us they plan to watch the Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

Here are a few alternatives we came up with that you can indulge in now that... dare we say it... we may not have hockey for a while.

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  • Make Babies

    Let's face it, it's going to be a cold, long winter. We might as well contribute to society and make some babies. It will keep us busy till springtime and hopefully we won't miss hockey as much.

  • Build Igloos

    Hey, if there's one big stereotype about Canadians its that we live in igloos. Why not take this winter to build some? We might as well look into these architecturally amazing properties, now that we don't need a house to plug our T.V.'s into.

  • Play Hockey

    The ice is fresh and the hockey lovers free... its the obvious solution. Bring those sticks out and get rolling on the ice!

  • Watch Baseball

    Just kidding...

  • Minor League Hockey

    Hockey is hockey and these minor league players are pretty darn good!

  • Move

    Let's face it, Canada is incomplete without hockey. Maybe it's time to venture out to brighter horizons and indulge in some cricket in Australia or soccer from Brazil. Hasta la vista, baby!

But all these still don't make up for the lack of Calgary Flames Vs. Vancouver Canucks action. There will be no Alex Burrows to pester our forward line. No Cory Sarich to knock him into the boards. There will be no superstitious rituals to follow to make sure your team wins.

We're not really sure how this season is going to go by without shootouts, jerseys and plastic cups filled with beer. All we know is it's going to be a long, long winter.

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