10/11/2012 12:16 EDT | Updated 12/11/2012 05:12 EST

NHL lockout squashes fans' opening night traditions

Tonight was supposed to be the opening night of the NHL season and we asked what you had planned for the big night. Were you headed to a game, hanging out with friends or sticking with a tradition?

Here are a sampling of the responses we received from our Facebook fans:

Sarah Golueke: We would have been ordering a pizza, and watching a game on TV together as a family.

Earl Shiflett: I had tickets and I was refunded for the cancellation, Never again NHL.

Michael DiGiacomo: Driving up to Boston to see my Devils take on the Bruins. This is BS! sucks big time.

Thomas Mason: Nothing...its the first night of the season. I work from 12-8 pm and then going to goodlife fitness for a workout. I have a life outside NHL hockey.

Donny Bush: i would be going to watch the leafs beat the Habs in maple leafs sq

Jason Rae: Had planned on watching the season opener,now,not sure. Likely try to find some jr. hockey to watch,or some wet paint thats drying.

Stewart Robertson: I was going to watch hockey on TV and drink some rum. Now I guess its just the rum.

Mattie Edwards: i'm putting on my NHL jersey tomorrow for I wishing to see the games. and my time was going to be in front TV to injoy a preseason game.

Gerald D Chornoby: Watch hockey and have a few cold ones like all Canadians do!

Jill Montgomery: I guess I will have to put my Leafs jersey and watch the baseball playoffs, this is just sad. It is only money after all. People live without it everyday.

Derek Labbee: I would've taken my family to a sens game but I guess my one night out there will be an extra mortgage payment this month.