CALGARY - Jessica Stilwell, Calgary mom, is gaining attention around the world for going on strike and not cleaning up after her messy kids.

Jessica Stilwell has appeared on a few talk shows in the United States and her story has appeared in newspapers from New York to London.

One of the commentors on Stilwell's blog says:

I just saw your story on The Today Show, and I just have to applaud your decision to strike and your fortitude in the face of the resulting household disaster. I have threatened to strike, but have never actually followed through with it. Bravo, and best wishes for a lasting result!

Her blog called Crazy Working Mom, which details the strike, has also attracted comments from other mothers as far away as Finland.

Stilwell writes that she got fed up with her three daughters, so she and husband stopped picking up their dirty dishes and clothes.

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  • "If you leave the dishwasher open all day long with dirty dishes, the extra large dog will eventually lick the entire thing clean. Which begs me to question if the children will think its actually clean and proceed to use the dishes in the morning?"

  • "Olivia woke up and announced “You STILL haven’t cleaned the kitchen, this is disgusting!!” Peyton asked “We didn’t clean the kitchen last night?” WE?? WE?? No dear WE didn’t clean the kitchen. "

  • "I am beginning to grow accustomed to the soya sauce bottle as a centerpiece on my counter. I may call Pier One and suggest that it would fit well with their Asian inspired decor line. I could be rich."

  • ‘Doggy bags’ for lunch was not a big hit. Shocker. Quinn actually checked if there was real dog crap in the bag. Really?? What kind of monster do you think I am?

  • "The dishwasher is overflowing, shoes and backpacks are in the middle of the hallway. Dirty socks, empty gatorade bottles and used kleenex litter the back of my couch."

  • "Lunch bags (these things will be the freaking death of me) were left on the floor at the back door after school. The dog helped himself. Now I have chewed up baggies of food all over the house"

  • " My family room must have magical powers that allows the children to think it is a closet, laundry basket and garbage can all rolled into one."

  • "Two bottles of Pinesol (I really need to buy stock in that stuff, I would wear it as perfume if I had my way) and half a bottle of bleach later my house is clean. Not perfect, but clean."

  • "Olivia held a glass of ‘milk’ UPSIDE DOWN and announced “Look mom, we made cheese!!” I laughed and laughed and laughed. No I didn’t. "

  • "For now, they each rinsed their breakfast dishes and put them in the dishwasher."

  • "There are three clean, empty lunch kits on the shelf where they belong...Baby steps, right?"

After six days, the girls apologized and everyone cleaned up the house together.

Stilwell says she's been overwhelmed by the response and dares other overwhelmed moms to go on strike too.

Almost everyone in the Twitterverse are supportive and are contemplating the suggestions..

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