10/18/2012 07:45 EDT | Updated 12/18/2012 05:12 EST

PQ backtracks on daycare language comments

The Parti Québécois is backtracking on a comment mady by one of its cabinet ministers that Bill 101 will be extended to daycare centres.

On Thursday, Family Minister Nicole Léger told a reporter a new version of the language law would be applied to daycares.

Today, Léger refused to answer any questions after meeting with the Premier and the rest of the cabinet.

Diane De Courcy, the language minister, said daycares are an extension of home and one's mother tongue.

Kathleen Weil, a Liberal member of national assembly expressed her opposition and said "why would one want to limit the rights of people to expose their children to different languages?"

Critics point out even attempting to impose Bill 101 in daycares would be nearly impossible because they are not classified by language as public schools are.

Bill 101 is a law that was passed by the PQ government in 1977 and makes it compulsory for the children of most immigrants to attend French-language schools.

The law also imposes restrictions on the use of languages other than French on commercial signs.