CORRECTION: An earlier version of the story said Lowe's Twitter account discusses him being in Banff. It is unclear if the Twitter account is official or not, however it does discuss a Banff visit.

Sean Lowe was seen filming in Banff, Alberta for Season 17 of The Bachelor. It looks like Lowe was on his way to a group date with the ladies.

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  • Sean Lowe on group date on Wednesday in the town of Banff (Alberta, Canada).

  • Sean

  • Sean and Lindsay Yenter at the Sarah Darling concert in Whitefish, Montana.

  • RT @Millsy11374: How can you not love that face? #Bachelor

  • Reality Steve says Bachelor 2013 contestant Paige Vigil was eliminated on the first night.

While some debated planning a spontaneous road trip when they heard the news..

“@CaitlynBertrand: It would seem that The Bachelor is filming in Banff right now. Road trip anyone?”

Others clarified this was not for the current season of The Bachelor Canada:

For everyone asking, Sean Lowe and The Bachelor crew are taping in Banff/Lake Louise not Brad Smith from The Bachelor Canada.

A Twitter account about Lowe says he is 28, a Christian, 6'3 tall and is from Dallas, Texas.

Well at least we know one thing for sure, The Bachelor, which begins January 7, 2013 on ABC, will have some Canadian beauty on it.

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