Naheed Nenshi Graded, Calgary Mayor Gets Grade Of A- By Readers

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Naheed Nenshi graded, Calgary mayor gets grade of A- by readers. | Getty Images

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi received a grade of A- from readers as he completed two years in office.

The mayor celebrated his term in office by grading his fellow council members, giving them an A-, on Thursday. In response, we asked our readers to grade his term and here's what we found:

While reviews were mixed, the Mayor was short of just one more A of upgrading to an A.

Some were pleased:

Others even gave feedback on the report card:

Zac Ryan
No complaints here, big improvement over the past. Keep up the good work.

"Much, much better than during our Bronco days," said Steve Boyd on Facebook.

Some disagreed on Facebook, as Ryan Doherty said, "Maybe a 2. Very good at spending money, that's about it."

William Osunde didn't seem to think there was any debate to the question, as he responded with, "He gets a 10 out of 10 from me."

While some respondents weren't exactly rooting for a second term, Nenshi did end up with the same grade he gave council. Well at least we know that on average everyone seem to be on the same page.

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Mayor Nenshi's Report Card
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