Need a bit of a pick-me-up this afternoon? We have the perfect remedy for your 3 p.m. blues: The Coveteur's 'The Mini Coveteurs.'

The site, which takes people into the closets of fashion's most sartorially smart set, underwent a bit of a makeover today (they've relaunched with a fresh and clean new design). But that's not the best part.

In honour of their new layout, the Torontonians behind the site -- Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, whipped together a hilarious (seriously hilarious) video of childhood actors playing some of fashion's most fantastic divas (and dudes). From Leandra Medine (the Man Repeller) to Rachel Zoe and Anna Dello Russo to Tommy Ton, the kids nail the mannerisms of each personality perfectly. Jeanne Beker even has a hilarious cameo as the journalist who interviews them on a red carpet.

Check out the video above. Just try not to laugh.

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  • <a href="" target="_blank">Design Mom</a>: This designer and <a href="" target="_blank">mother of six</a> is a great resource to discover what moms really want this year. As one of the few mom-focused Pinterest accounts with a <a href="" target="_blank">beauty board</a>, it's chock-full of glamorous gift ideas.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Everyday Mom Style</a>: The mantra of this account is to offer "tips on how to be stylish and age appropriate, without spending a fortune." If you're looking to give your mom something she's sure to wear look no further.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Michelle @ Pretty Mommy</a>: If your mom loves shopping, we've got the perfect account for you. Started by a fashion-obsessed girl who is now a mother, Michelle's boards offer practical and wearable fashion options for moms on the go. Many of her pins link to <a href="" target="_blank">her website</a>, where you can purchase the items directly!

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Cool Mom Picks</a>: Although this account offers a lot of great ideas for children's gifts, there are tons of pins that will give you inspiration for Mother's Day. The "<a href="" target="_blank">Accessories to Covet</a>" board offers up hundreds of beautiful and affordable bags, jewelry and shoes that will put a smile on any mom's face.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">EFactor Global</a>: Being fashionable and work-appropriate can seem like a full-time job -- enter <a href="" target="_blank">EFactor Global</a>, the world's largest network for entrepreneurs. Their "<a href="" target="_blank">Work Day Style</a>" board is full of inspiration on how to look ravishing on the j-o-b.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Katie Rodgers</a>: The gem on this <a href="" target="_blank">fashion illustrator</a>'s account is her "<a href="" target="_blank">Fashion Magic</a>" board. With over 3,000 pins of inspiring, ethereal images, it won't take you long to get completely lost in her fashionable world.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Christine Martinez</a>: This account offers something for everyone, literally. Whether you want help <a href="" target="_blank">packing for a trip</a>, crave some new <a href="" target="_blank">wearable, fashion-forward clothing</a>, or simply want to look at <a href="" target="_blank"> mesmerizing prints and patterns</a> all day, this is your one-stop shop.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">The Budget Babe</a>: Not need to squirm while looking at the price tags on <a href="" target="_blank">this Pinterest account</a>, as they focus on affordable fashion. The "<a href="" target="_blank">Budget Fashion Finds</a>" will leave you with your jaw in your lap, once you realize just how much a fashionista can save.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">Kim Brooks Style</a>: Fashion stress, be gone! <a href="" target="_blank">Kim Brooks</a> (a West Coast stylist) has just made shopping super easy. With boards dedicated to helping you <a href="" target="_blank">build a solid foundation for your wardrobe</a> and plenty of <a href="" target="_blank">chic ideas on how you can organize your closet</a>, you're going to be left wondering what you did before you found this account!

  • <a href="">Hair Romance</a>: This account may not have a ton of boards, but what they lack in quantity, they certainly make up for in quality. "<a href="">Perfect Ponytail</a>" will have you completely rethinking this traditional 'do, while the "<a href="">Hair Colour-Inspiration</a>" board will leave you questioning your natural hair color.

  • <a href="">Allure</a>: The fact that Allure magazine has a great Pinterest account comes as no surprise to us. Our favorite board is a toss-up between "<a href="">Best of Beauty 2012</a>" which features a roundup of great products worth investing in, and "<a href="">Date Night Hair,"</a> which shows you how to make your strands a little more special for the PM.

  • <a href="">Elle Pea</a>: This account, brought to you by a university student, offers a board dedicated to beautiful <a href="">hairstyles</a> that will have you beelining to your stylist for a new spring look.

  • <a href="">Bobbi Brown</a>: The cosmetics creator and makeup artist has an account that chronicles the stunning looks she's created for countless runway shows -- giving you ideas that will last you through fall.

  • <a href="">Inspirationail</a>: Calling all nail art lovers! We've found the account for you. Whether you're obsessed with nail stickers, fake nails or good old-fashioned nail polish, there is no shortage of inspiration here. And the best part? The pins even show you how to get the looks yourself.

  • <a href="">Moorea Seal</a>: The accessories designer knows how to <a href="">design more than just jewelry</a> -- she also knows how to put together a killer Pinterest account. Her carefully curated boards offer so much style inspiration, there's really no need to look elsewhere. Not to mention her amazing "<a href="">Stripes</a>" board, which has us craving a pair of pinstripe pants for spring.

  • <a href="">Paris Wilson</a>: We couldn't have been happier when we stumbled upon this graphic designer's account. With almost 1,000 pins on her "<a href="">Fashion Editorials</a>" board make sure you keep your eyes on the clock, or else you could be here for hours.

  • <a href="">Grazia Magazine</a>: The UK magazine known for their coverage of fashion trends and beauty tips has a great Pinterest account. Their specific boards on topics ranging from "<a href="">Peplums</a>" to "<a href="">Nude Heels</a>" ensures that there is something for everyone.

  • <a href="">Luisaviaroma</a>: The <a href="">luxury retail site's</a> account is just about as good as it gets. Between their boards focused on <a href="">menswear</a> and the<a href=""> 88 pins dedicated to beautiful footwear</a>, we can't get enough.

  • <a href="">Sarah Steller</a>: Although this high-fashion makeup artist has a lot of pins dedicated to avant-garde looks and conceptual ideas, there is tons of inspiration that can be translated to everyday wear. Her "<a href="">Editorial Makeup</a>" board is the perfect place to look if you're after new beauty tricks for the nighttime.

  • <a href="">Stephanie Lawless Duncan</a>: This fashion blogger knows what she's doing. Her "<a href="">fashionation</a>" board has over 4,000 pins -- and let's just say, she left us totally fashion-ated.

  • <a href="">Stella and Dot</a>: Jewelry lovers, rejoice! This boutique-style jewelry company has quite the account focused on baubles, baubles and more baubles (something that seems to be lacking on Pinterest). Our favorite board is "<a href="">Charms Collection,</a>" which brings together dozens of adorable charms you can add to necklaces, bracelets and even rings.

  • <a href="">Chictopia</a>: This Pinterest account originally started as a <a href="">website</a> that offers a platform for fashion lovers to share style inspiration from around the world. Their Pinterest account is no different and provides countless curated boards ranging from "<a href="">Neon Glow</a>" to "<a href="">Feline,</a>" and just about everything in between.

  • <a href="">Jenni Radosevich</a>: Although we love DIY Pinterest accounts, they often leave us inspired, but without the proper instruction to tackle the project. Thankfully DIYer Jenni Radosevich has a board called "<a href="">I Spy DIY Step-by-Step</a>" that breaks down how to achieve all her perfect (and seemingly easy) DIY ideas.

  • <a href="">Joy Cho / Oh Joy!</a>: This account literally has everything, and that's why we love it. Whether you're craving some hair, nail or clothing inspiration, Joy's got it! There are also some adorable kids clothes on the "<a href="">Mini Me</a>" board that are making us melt.

  • <a href="">Eat. Sleep. Wear</a>: Just upon hearing the name of this account we knew we were going to love it. Although there are tons of great things to be found, her "<a href="">Bloggers We Love</a>" board is not only great to look at but also an invaluable resource for those of you looking for new street style to stalk.

  • <a href="">Elizabeth Monson</a>: This self-described social media addict is just that. Her account is full of style and beauty inspiration at every click. But we have to say the best board is her "<a href="">Wear</a>" board that has so many covetable items we almost need to shield our eyes (for our wallets sake, of course).

  • <a href="">Bloomingdales</a>: Our favorite department store has a Pinterest account, and with over 60 boards, a trip to their site is almost as satisfying as shopping in the bricks and mortar store.

  • <a href="">Red Carpet Manicure</a>: This account came to us from a tip submission and are we ever glad we discovered this gem. The "<a href="">Nailed It: Manicure To-Do List</a>" board has enough amazing ideas to keep you busy until the new year (yes, they even have licorice candy-inspired nail art).

  • <a href="">Lauren Gordon-Thomspon</a>: This is another account that came to us via tip and it did not disappoint. Our favorite boards include: "<a href="">Crowning Glory</a>" (chock-full of celebrity hairstyles) and "<a href="">Casual Elegance</a>" (overflowing with demure and beautiful fashions)

  • <a href="">Beauty Bets</a>: Calling all beauty gurus, we've found the account for you! Whether you live for nail polish, lipstick or DIY beauty, this Pinterest has something for you.

  • <a href="">Neiman Marcus</a>: One of our favorite department stores has a Pinterest account -- and the best part is, you can click away guilt-free! All their boards are full of drool-worthy fashion, but we can't say we made it much past "<a href="">The Art Of Shoes</a>"...

  • Krystal Bick: This <a href="">fashion blogger</a> has an amazing Pinterest account. We adore her "<a href="">Currently Craving"</a> board (which just doubled our holiday wish lists) and of course, we're always suckers for a good "<a href="">Street Stalker</a>" board.

  • <a href="">They Roared Vintage</a>: This is the perfect account for anyone who is vintage-obsessed. Not only do the boards show a bevy of inspirational looks, but you can also buy many of the items they pin <a href="">straight from their store</a>!

  • <a href="">StyleLikeU</a>: Here at HuffPost Style we are big fans of the site <a href=""></a> which interviews celebrities, musicians and models about their personal style. Just like their videos, their Pinterest board is full of sartorial inspiration and offers curated boards of their favorite stills from their hundreds of videos.

  • <a href="">Vogue Paris</a>: Vogue is considered "The Holy Grail of Fashion," so obviously they have a Pinterest account for their Paris edition that makes us wish we could spend our days just clicking away. Enter at your own risk, their "<a href="">Bijoux</a>," "<a href="">En backstage des défilés</a>" and "<a href="">Live tweets @Vogueparis</a>" boards will cause distraction.

  • <a href="">Blair Eadie</a>: Upon first glance this pinner's account may seem a litle sparse, but the emphasis here is on quality not quantity. Her "<a href="">All Things Fashion</a>" board is one of the best we've seen -- there is such a great diversity of texture we almost touched our computer screens. Also her "<a href="">Wishful Thinking</a>" board is so well curated with tons of lust-worthy items, our Christmas lists just doubled..eek!

  • <a href="">The Coveteur</a>: If you haven't already been to <a href=""></a>, you're seriously missing out. The addicting website takes a look inside the homes and closets "of today’s tastemakers and influential icons so you can discover and shop their unique style." Much like their site, their Pinterest account offers style inspiration like you've never seen -- we were astounded at the number of ways you can wear denim on denim, as shown on their "<a href="">Canadian Tuxedo</a>" board and their "<a href="">Shoes</a>" board showed us that there are people out there who are as obsessed with footwear as we are.

  • <a href="">SHEfinds</a>: It's no secret that here at HuffPost Style we love the amazing fashion site <a href="">SHEfinds</a>, so it comes as no surprise that we also love their Pinterest account. Their "<a href="">Cozy Up</a>" board is perfect for the season and will leave you coveting chunky knit sweaters and shearling hats. As for their "<a href="">Chic Flats</a>" board -- let's just say we may have been convinced to leave our heels at home this week.

  • <a href="">Shira Rosenbluth</a>: We received a tip that this <a href="">fashion blogger</a> had an account worth checking out, and boy did it deliver. Rosenbluth's "<a href="">Hair</a>" board will give you some major inspiration as to how to spice up your locks during the dreary winter season and her "<a href="">Stripes, polka dots, chevron</a>" board will leave you craving lots and lots of pattern.

  • <a href="">Stephanie Tingley</a>: This account offers nail inspiration that you couldn't possibly dream up yourself. Social media nails, check. Monsters Inc nails, check. Tetris nails, check.

  • <a href="">The Beauty Department</a>: While The Beauty Department has tons of great boards (like "<a href="">lids, lashes + liners</a>") the best has to be the "<a href="">Nail Art</a>" board which breaks down the steps to complex, yet cool designs.

  • <a href="">OPI Nail</a>: When we think of nail polish brands the first one that pops into our minds is OPI -- so why not go directly to the source, the OPI Pinterest board. We love how they arranged their boards by color (it's not often you see such a big collection of <a href="">green nails</a> outside of the nail salon). We hope they continue to add to their "<a href="">Holiday</a>" board -- so far it's adorable.

  • <a href="">Pascale De Groof</a>: Although we got temporarily distracted by this Turkish gal's "<a href="">Wearables - Fashion - Style</a>" board, when we eventually made it to her "<a href="">Nail Art</a>" board it was well worth it. Our favorite pins include the houndstooth nails and Christmas art -- looks like we need to start practicing.

  • <a href="">Lost In A Mind</a>: Norwegian blogger Maria delivers a Pinterest account chock full of great fashion inspiration (like her tactile "<a href="">Fabrics</a>" board). But where she really shines is with <a href="">nail inspiration</a>. As her fullest board (with over 900 pins,) she offers just about every nail art idea under the sun. <a href="">Manicure Mondays </a>will never be the same.

  • <a href="">Rebecca Minkoff</a>: The famous womenswear designer has an amazing color-coordinated Pinterest account. Her "<a href="">Bright Young Thing</a>" and "<a href="">Red Rebels</a>" boards have us gunning for neon-colored sweaters and sultry red lipstick.

  • <a href="">Jessica Stam</a>: If you ever wanted to get inside the supermodel's head, now is your chance. Models get rare access to designer collections, runway samples and the coolest parties, and it seems that Stam's exclusive access has influenced her style. Her account features her <a href="">favorite resort looks</a>, her <a href="">style icons</a> and, of course, some <a href="">vintage inspiration</a>. Get pinning!

  • <a href="">Shopbop</a>: If you're like us, <a href=""></a> might be your homepage (or at the very least, bookmarked). We can't get enough of this online retailer who makes it endlessly easy to shop our favorite brands and find items that we love. Simliar to their website, their Pinterest account has boards dedicated to trending clothing items and includes a bevy of great beauty looks. It may be a good time to hide the credit card.

  • <a href="">Otte NY</a>: The New York based retailer that specializes in "<a href="">understated luxury and contemporary design</a>" delivers a Pinterest account that does just that. In addition to pinning their favorite looks, they also offer boards that are rich in street style images and amazing jewelry.

  • <a href="">People Magazine</a>: The popular <a href="">celebrity magazine</a> delivers a juicy Pinterest account that will keep you up until the wee hours. Our personal favorite has to be "<a href="">The Royals</a>" board -- but we think you could have guessed that.

  • <a href="">Who What Wear</a>: If you're as obsessed as we are with <a href=""></a>, get ready for their Pinterest account. The "<a href="">Ask A Stylist</a>" board is the perfect spot to check out when you are staring blankly into your closet, in dire need of inspiration. Happy pinning!

  • <a href="">Moda Operandi</a>: It's a no-brainer that this fashion site would have an amazing Pinterest account -- and boy, do they deliver. Whether you get lost pinning from "<a href="">How To: Short Shorts</a>" or from "<a href="">The Moda Life</a>," the drool-worthy fashion and carefully curated boards will definitely leave a smile on your face.