LONDON - Former media mogul Conrad Black has appeared on a British satirical show, defying the program's mockery of his convictions in the U.S. and claiming innocence.

Satirists on the show "Have I Got News For You" made constant jokes at the expense of Black, who used to control papers including the Chicago Sun-Times and Britain's Daily Telegraph.

But Black insisted on the show, which aired Friday, that he was wrongly convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice.

Earlier this week, he clashed with two British journalists, hurling insults at them and criticizing their questions.

He told veteran interviewer Jeremy Paxman that he was proud to have endured their exchange without "smashing your face in."

Black was released from a U.S. prison in May, and is promoting his new book.

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  • <a href="" target="_hplink">Conrad Black sold his Palm Beach, Florida mansion for $23.1 million</a> (U.S.) while on trial for fraud and obstruction of justice in 2001.

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  • Lord Black of Crossharbour, aka Conrad Black, was HuffPost Canada's guest at its most recent editorial lunch on Thursday.

  • Black, who returned to Canada on May 4 after serving nearly four years in prison candidly answered questions on a range of topics, from his personal experiences in prison to his determination to fight to keep his Order of Canada, from his recent libel lawsuit against Random House to his future plans.

  • Black appeared unruffled by the subjects raised by the HuffPost editorial team; throughout the luncheon he discussed his recent travails, and at times became impassioned in his answers -- about the need for prison reform, about those who have sought to defame his reputation, and about the future of politics and political discourse in Western democracies.

  • At the end of the luncheon, when asked what he thinks is the public's greatest misperception of him, Black replied that it was the belief that he was "pompous."

  • A word cloud illustrating some of the more interesting vocabulary deployed by Black during the editorial board meeting.

  • Conrad Black On The Privatization Of Prisons

    Toronto, Ont. -- Conrad Black, former media baron and a recipient of the Order Of Canada dropped by for lunch with Huffington Post Canada's editorial board. There he spoke with Daniel Tencer on the negative effects of private prisons