If you aren’t into the blood and gore part of Halloween, there are many other ways to get into the spirit by channeling the cute and goofy. I love doing nail art that has a fun twist to it, so here is a silly Frankenstein face nail pattern to bring out the holiday spirit without the need for fake blood and vampire teeth.

This look is simple to do and all you need is green polish and black polish, plus a toothpick for the details. My polish of choice was an ogre-green (try OPI Nail Polish in ‘It’s Totally Karma’), so it had a bit of a yellow tint to it.

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First, apply a few coats of the green, enough to make it opaque.

Once it’s dry, use the toothpick and black polish to create spikes of hair at the nail base.

Add a horizontal line near the tip of your nail for the mouth, and cross it with two or three vertical lines to make it look like stitches.

Finally, dot on two eyes for your Frankenstein faces and you’re good to go!

You can also try this technique with orange as the base (try NARS Nail Polish in ‘TV Party’) and make pumpkin faces instead of Frankenstein. With this technique you can easily get into the Halloween spirit without the spook!

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