10/31/2012 05:13 EDT | Updated 12/31/2012 05:12 EST

Boy, 7, saves grandfather with 911 call

A brave seven-year-old boy from Chilliwack, B.C., is being called a hero after he made a 911 call on his grandfather's cellphone, saving the man's life.

Evan Raap and his grandfather were on their way to the bank on the morning of Oct. 27 when his grandfather pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road and began violently shaking and sweating.

The little boy found his grandfather's cellphone and called 911. He told the operator his grandfather was slumped over in the driver's seat.

"Um, my name is Evan and my grandpa lost his teeth and I don't know what to do," Evan sobs on an audio recording of his 911 call.

"He's just staring there with his eyes open," he said. "I'm really worried."

Through the almost 13-minute phone call the boy repeated he was very worried about his grandfather, who was slumped over and breathing but couldn't move anything except his hands.

"He was fine when we were pulling over. He said 'I just need to pull over for one second,' " Evan described to the operator.

"He was listening to the music then he just laid down on his seat and I thought he was joking — then I saw something fell out of his mouth and it was his fake teeth," he cried.

But Evan kept remarkably calm and told the operator exactly where he was — even spelling out nearby road signs and local landmarks.

RCMP said the boy's grandfather is still in hospital, undergoing tests. The boy and his family will be speaking to the media Wednesday afternoon.