It really sucks to have your birthday on Christmas, since so many people who aren't even having a birthday get freaking presents and it totally is your actual birthday and, well, blergh.

But what if your birthday was a day of unbridled hedonism where everyone dresses up in cool costumes and either hits the streets for too much candy or hits the bars and house parties for too many drinks? Not too shabby.

Well, it turns out a fair number of musical folks were born on Halloween so we decided to dig around and see if their spooky birthdays have had any impact on their musical output...

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  • U2's Larry Mullen Jr, Drummer

    <strong>Born: </strong><strong>1961</strong> <strong>Spookiest song: "Sunday Bloody Sunday"</strong> This song about a massacre of unarmed Irish protestors by British soldiers obviously has nothing to do with Halloween, but if being killed without cause results in vengeful ghosts, than it's kinda appropriate for All Hallow's Eve.

  • The Smiths' Johnny Marr, Guitarist

    <strong>Born: 1963 Spookiest Song: "Meat is Murder" </strong>It has murder in the title, is sung by notorious doomsayer Morrissey and it makes us think of those creepy slaughterhouse videos vegetarians show you to make you too grossed out to eat (sorry, still yummy) steak.

  • Beastie Boys' Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, Rapper

    <strong>Born: 1865 Spookiest Song: "Crawlspace"</strong> In which the generally cuddly Beastie Boys claim to be hiding in our crawlspaces and threaten to slay us like Vader. Though Ad-Rock says he's not Herman Munster, the Beastie also boasts "you know we're getting scarier and scarier/And this extends beyond the Tri-State-Area."

  • Vanilla Ice, Rapper

    <strong>Born: 1968 Spookiest Song: "Ninja Rap"</strong> I know, you thought we'd make an "Ice Ice Baby" joke here, but you clearly forgot this classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tune. We, however, did not forget that our cheap-o parents never bought us one of those sweet TMNT costumes when we were kids so that we could've, as Ice says, "rock and roll this place/With the power of the ninja turtle bass!"

  • Willow Smith, Singer

    <strong>Born: 2000 Spookiest song: "Whip My Hair"</strong> Look, it's not like we had a lot to choose from, and this one does have the word "whip" in it, but to be honest the scariest thing is that in 2010 she told told MTV she was planning to dress up as herself: "I'm gonna go around the neighborhood saying, 'Do you like Willow Smith?' And then I'm gonna be like, 'Ta-da! It's me."