10/31/2012 02:22 EDT | Updated 12/31/2012 05:12 EST

Oakridge development plan worries community group

A community group is worried a planned development at the Oakridge Mall site will strain infrastructure along the Cambie corridor.

Details of the plan have recently been made public. The developer wants to build 13 new towers, ranging from six to 45 storeys, at Oakridge.

Allan Buium with the Riley Park South Cambie Community Visions Group says the new proposal is much different and much bigger than a plan approved by the city five years ago.

"The impact from the proposed development, which is far worse than what was accepted by the city in 2007, and this seems to again, double the density, which will have significant impact on our area of the city," said Allan Buium with the Riley Park South Cambie Community Visions Group.

Buium says the original plan called for buildings around 20 storeys, and worries the new plan will open the door for other developers along the Cambie corridor to push for taller towers.

"A domino effect that will take place along the north side of the street," he said.

Gordon Wylie, with mall owner Ivanhoe Cambridge, says the Oakridge site has been designated by Metro Vancouver for higher density because it’s a transit hub.

He says it won't be anything like Metrotown, a similar development.

"I also worked on that project and it actually pushes the residential away from the rapid transit," he said. "This is bringing the residential right to the rapid transit station."

Wylie says if all goes well, construction could begin near the end of 2014.

The City of Vancouver says it will be seeking feedback on the project over the next 12 to 18 months.