John Zhang, Surrey Acupuncturist, Ran Brothel In Clinic: Allegations

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VANCOUVER - An acupuncturist in Surrey, B.C., has been disciplined and fined over allegations he sold sexual services along with traditional Chinese medicine at his shop.

John Zhang was found guilty of professional misconduct by B.C.'s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists over allegations he allowed his clinic to be operated as a bawdy house.

The clinic was shut down in January 2011 after a joint investigation by a bylaw enforcement officer and the RCMP, which lead to a discipline hearing that saw surveillance photographs taken inside.

The pictures are alleged to have shown signage referring to pornographic activities and women clad in short, lingerie-like dress.

Two male customers also testified they paid for prostitutes at the clinic.

The college has suspended Zhang until January 2014, he has been fined about $21,500, and he must pay for audits of his practice if he seeks to resume when the suspension is lifted.

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