NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City's mayor says the dangling boom of a midtown Manhattan crane damaged in the storm is tethered to the luxury high-rise building.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Saturday that officials hope to open 57th Street on Saturday night.

The crane boom collapsed during Superstorm Sandy this week, likely because of heavy winds.

Engineers climbed the 74-story building in the midst of the storm to inspect the crane.

Some neighboring buildings were evacuated, including a hotel with 900 guests.

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  • U-Haul

    U-Haul is <a href="" target="_hplink">offering 30 days of free storage</a> to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

  • Home Depot

    Home Depot donated $1 million to help fund hurricane relief, <a href="">the Atlantic Business Chronicle eeports</a>. Home Depot also shipped out hundreds of truckloads of supplies to affected areas throughout the northeast, according to <a href="">The Wall Street Journal</a>.

  • Walmart

    Walmart has said it will donate $1.5 million to the relief effort, <a href=" By=msnbc%7Ccover=1">according to NBC News</a>.

  • JP Morgan Chase

    JP Morgan Chase waived overdraft and late fees on loans and credit cards during the brunt of the storm, <a href="">Time reports</a>.

  • The NFL

    The NFL Players' Union has pledged to donate $1 million to the Red Cross to help those affected by Sandy, <a href="">ESPN reports</a>.

  • Airbnb

    The hotel and travel website Airbnb is waiving its fees in affected areas of the northeast. CEO Brian Chesky has urged the hotels listed on the site to lower their rates in light of the recent events, <a href="">Newsweek reports</a>.

  • CVS Caremark

    CVS Caremark will donate more than $150,000 worth of food and water to the Red Cross, <a href="">the Sacramento Bee reports</a>.

  • Kohl's

    Kohl's plans to donate $1 million in cash to the Red Cross and is encouraging its employees to volunteer in the relief effort, <a href="">the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports</a>.

  • Viacom

    Viacom is donating $1 million to the relief effort and is working to help Viacom employees who were impacted by the hurricane, <a href="">Mother Nature Network reports</a>.

  • New York Yankees

    The Yankees are donating $500,000 to the Red Cross, <a href="">according to</a>.

  • Chevrolet

    Chevrolet has donated 50 large vans to the Red Cross to help bring relief to those in need, <a href="">Auto World News reports</a>.

  • PG&E

    West coast energy company PG&E sent trucks, equipment, and workers to the east coast earlier this week. The PG&E crews are expected to stay and help north-easterners for the next few weeks, <a href="">Fox WBRC reports</a>.

  • Disney

    The Walt Disney Company is donating $2 million to help victims of Hurricane Sandy and will run public service announcements encouraging viewers to donate and volunteer on its television channels, <a href="">Mother Nature Network reports</a>.

  • Lowe's

    Home improvement chain Lowe's is donating $1 million and will be accepting donations for the Red Cross in its stores, <a href="">Mother Nature Network reports</a>.

  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo donated $1 million to help victims of Hurricane Sandy and will be accepting donations to the Red Cross through its ATMs until November 13th. Wells Fargo also waived many late fees through yesterday, <a href="">San Francisco Business Times reports</a>.