11/06/2012 07:12 EST | Updated 01/06/2013 05:12 EST

PQ tables bill to limit party donations

The Quebec government proposed a law to curb corruption in politics but is facing uncertainty from opposition parties.

The Parti Québécois tabled Bill 2 to limit individual political party donations.

The bill would cap party donations at $100 a year down from the current $1,000.

Bernard Drainville, minister for democratic institutions, tabled the bill. He said the model should prevent so-called "straw man donations" by companies while, at the same time, increasing public funding for established parties.

"If you have good support in the population, you should be able to get donations from the population. It's a type of prime for parties," said Drainville.

Liberal Party house leader Robert Dutil said he wants input from Quebec's chief electoral officer before agreeing to the change.

"We cannot do that by ourselves," said Dutil. "We are a [political party], we are in a [conflict of interest]. So, we have a referee – that referee is called [chief electoral officer] and we need to have his participation."

The Liberals and Québec Solidaire both say the $100 limit may be too low, even though parties are set to receive additional public funding.