Rumours started early Wednesday but by the afternoon, Calgary's beloved Mayor Naheed Nenshi had confirmed that he will be seeking re-election in 2013.

In his now-trademark animated fashion, the mayor stood in front of a camera and delivered a video message through his website Wednesday afternoon in which he told followers he will run for office again in 2013 and that he's "in with everything I got."

"I'm in and I'm in with everything i got I'm in because I still love this city - if possible - even more than I did two years ago and I'm in because together we have the opportunity to build something even better," he says in his message.

"That better Calgary is right there it's so close and well within our grasp and we all have a duty to be able to go and grab it."

It would be an understatement to say that Nenshi's win in October 2010 was a surprise, as few watchers thought he'd have any chance of winning.

In the beginning of that contest, Nenshi trailed a distant third in a packed field that included packet leader and senior alderman Ric McIver and popular TV personality Barb Higgins.

But after a late surge, Nenshi ran away with the results and became Canada's first Muslim mayor - a point of contention for many.

For critics, Nenshi's election was a win made possible by voters still struck by the historic win by President Barack Obama in the U.S. a year earlier. At worst, some Calgarians even insinuated the new mayor would invoke Sharia law in the city.

But three years later, Nenshi still seems to invoke strong emotion from Calgarians, and less fear.


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In his address, Nenshi said he's taken the last two weeks to consult, friends, family and constituents about his decision and also took the opportunity to thank supporters.

Calgary voters will go back to the polls in October 2013.

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