The B.C. government is willing to spend up to $1.5 million on a “party planner” for B.C.’s first Family Day next spring, says the B.C. NDP.

The provincial Opposition is blasting a request for proposals that expired Thursday, calling for contractors to help assist with Family Day celebrations on Feb. 11, 2013 in Victoria, Vancouver and across the province.

In May, Premier Christy Clark announced Family Day will happen in B.C. on the second Monday in February every year, beginning in 2013.

In the open bid, the province says the party project’s “overall costs, including contractor fees and all related expenses, will not exceed $1.5 million.”

The contract is expected to start Nov. 26 and end sometime after Feb. 13, 2013.

NDP House Leader John Horgan called the request for proposal “over the top” for a “self-congratulatory party on Family Day."

He added: “It’s the mark of a desperate government to be throwing away millions to try to gain popularity with voters.”

Horgan pointed out the proposed spending comes on the heels of a $15-million provincial ad campaign.

Clark said she’s proud to be the premier who brought in B.C.’s first Family Day and doubts the $1.5-million price tag, reported News 1130.

"I think [Family Day] says a lot about who we are as a province. In terms of the numbers [the NDP] is quoting -- I doubt they're accurate,” she told the radio station.

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