11/08/2012 08:03 EST | Updated 01/08/2013 05:12 EST

Former Oshawa councillor faces new charges

A former Oshawa, Ont. city councillor accused of kidnapping a solicitor for the City of Oshawa had new charges laid against him in court on Thursday.

Robert Lutczyk is now facing 26 charges in total. The new charges were added when more prohibited weapons were discovered after the incident ended.

Police say the ordeal began on Oct. 16 when Lutczyk drove to the Clarington home of lawyer David Potts and abducted him at gunpoint. He is charged with barricading himself and Potts inside a repair shop he was renting in Whitby.

Potts escaped unharmed shortly after police arrived. The ensuing standoff with Lutczyk lasted nearly 30 hours.

Lutczyk eventually surrendered peacefully.

Oshawa councillor Bruce Wood, a friend and former colleague, said Lutczyk was embroiled in an ongoing legal dispute with the city.

"Obviously everyone has their breaking point and Robert reached his."