For all those wondering what Hillary Rodham Clinton might do come January when she steps down from her post as U.S. Secretary of State, she had her answer ready in a recent interview from The New York Times: "Maybe I'll get a decorating show."

Rodham Clinton, who was known for her advocacy of American artists during her time as First Lady, knows of what she speaks, and isn't flipping through HGTV randomly — her number one pick for her viewing pleasure is none other than Canada's "Love It or List It."

The W Network show, each episode of which focuses on a couple (or family) who are divided as to whether to renovate or sell their home, pits designer Hilary Farr (who redoes the space) against real estate agent David Visentin (who finds them a new home). Each showcasing their talents and competitive natures as they try to sway the homeowners to their solution.

"I find it calming," said Clinton in the interview.

Of course, there are other potential explanations: Jezebel calls the show the network's "most sexually charged competition show," hypothesizing that the "Farr/Visentin competitive power dynamic no doubt reminds Secretary Clinton of Antony and Cleopatra."

But whatever the reason, we're happy to hear Clinton approves of the show so many Canadians have been playing a love/hate game with since 2008. If we're looking at President Barack Obama's recent admission that his favourite show of "Homeland" (about CIA agents and terrorists) as indicative of personality traits, Clinton's selection of this renovation-focused show could be showing us a woman who's not afraid to make changes where necessary, or throw the whole thing out and start fresh.

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Hilary Farr's holiday tips for the host:
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  • Prepare The Guest Room

    There is a good chance that someone will need to stay the night unexpectedly. Make up the guest room bed if you have one. Failing that, have a set of sheets, towels and toothbrush ready and figure out where they can 'crash' for the night. Hopefully they don't actually crash, but just in case, add Tylenol to the list!

  • Find Extra Chairs

    The average dining table won't seat everyone for the holiday feast. An inexpensive solution is a plastic fold-up table which seats six. Use it to lengthen your own table, or set it up separately to get full use of the extra seating. Use the same colour tablecloths. Folding chairs aren't beautiful, but they do the job on a budget and can be stored under a bed or in the basement. Both the chairs and the table will do double duty for summer parties in the garden.

  • Arrange Space For The Kids

    For young children, set aside a space for them to play within sight of the main party. They would prefer to be away from the (boring) adults but not actually cut off from view.

  • Add Orange To Your Décor

    One of the colours on trend right now is orange. This is lucky, because not only are there lots of design choices in this colour, it also happens to be the colour of tangerines and clementines, which are abundant and delicious this time of year.

  • Fill Bowls With Fruit

    Fill bowls of different sizes and colours with this seasonal fruit, or if you prefer try it with cranberries and pomegranates. Choose your dominant colour.

  • Play With Colour Schemes

    Pick a main colour and look for candles to match your main colour exactly, and a few to complement the colour, such as dark blue, teal, and deep red. Add a couple of new pillows and a throw blanket for the sofa that work with your main colour scheme to tie it all together.