Kitchen Tools: 10 Time-Saving Gadgets To Help You Prepare Meals

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Tempus fugit. These two Latin words are our mantra: time flies, and never does it fly faster than in the time leading up to the holiday season. So, instead of suffering cooking chaos or scrambling to set the table, we’ve got some work-smarter-not-harder gizmos that’ll trim time spent in the kitchen.

10 Time-Saving Kitchen Tools
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Bodum Immersion Blender
Not only does the handheld immersion blender make tasks faster, it also makes cooking tidier. Place this magic wand directly in a pot or bowl to puree without any messy transfer to countertop blenders.

Cuisinart Food Processor
Notice the clue inside the word ‘processor.’ Pro. Professional. Your own plug-in sous chef. This expert time-saving device can mince, dice, chop, cut, slice and puree. Never has grating cheese, scalloping potatoes or blending a salad dressing been easier.

The Garlic Peeler
Short of the snorkel, this is the greatest rubber tube invented. Place your unpeeled garlic clove inside the tube, roll it on the counter and, ta-dah, you’ve got fresh peeled garlic and still-fresh smelling hands.

The Mandoline
The Mandoline is a handheld, adjustable slicing tool that requires minimal skill and effort. Slide vegetables along the blade and create uniform slices in under 30 seconds.

The Microplane Grater
Available in grades ranging from extra-fine to coarse, this inexpensive device will help you quickly grate, shave, shred, zest and curl everything from hard cheese and spices to fruits and vegetables.

Portion Scoops
Though helpful when tunneling through a tub of Chunky Monkey, these scoops aren’t just for ice cream. Coming in a variety of sizes, the spring-loaded portion scoop is ideal for cookie dough digging and making uniform-sized meatballs.

Rival Rice Cooker
With so few guarantees in life, when we spot one, we pounce. Add rice, water, push a button and walk away as the cooker magically delivers perfectly cooked grains in less than 20 minutes. The best part? Your rice will stay warm for a few hours.

The Salad Spinner
A flick of the wrist and you’ll have perfectly dry salad greens, spinach leaves, herbs, leeks, pea pods…

Salton Citrus Juicer
If you're a juice fan, this is the gadget for you. Simply place fruit in tool's top and out comes a fresh cup of juice for you to enjoy. No sugar, no preservatives. It's genius!

Wusthof Pull-Apart Shears
Kitchen shears, what can’t you do? Prized for their versatility, sturdy and sharp kitchen shears effectively open bags, snip herbs, cut pizza, trim fat and hack bones. When buying a pair, look for one that separates easily for trouble-free washing, has no-slip handles and a straight blade.

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