VICTORIA - The former president of British Columbia's Conservative Party says he has quit his executive post, but it has nothing to do with leader John Cummins or the ongoing public feud within party ranks.

Al Siebring says his work load as a radio broadcaster and elected North Cowichan municipal councillor is increasing, which means he can't devote his energies to the B.C. Conservatives.

He says Christine Clarke, the party's candidate in last spring's Port Moody-Coquitlam byelection, will take over as party president.

Siebring sent a letter to party members saying his resignation is for purely personal reasons and he remains fully committed to the party and Cummins.

Party defections, expulsions and resignations have plagued the Conservatives since the spring byelection defeats of Clarke and John Martin in Chilliwack-Hope.

Cummins has rejected calls for his resignation, choosing instead to turf rebellious party members.

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