CBC News has learned 15 of 18 Kelowna daycares were found to have infractions during their October inspections by Interior Health.

The health authority routinely inspects daycares to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

The most common problems at the 15 daycares were minor infractions such as leaving electrical outlets uncovered, gauze missing from first aid kits or loose shelving.

But last month's inspections also uncovered serious and ongoing violations at several daycares, the most serious of which were at the West Kelowna Learning Centre, which failed its inspection in eight different categories.

Cigarettes were left accessible to children; the daycare hadn't been keeping accurate child records and has faced an ongoing staffing shortage.

"If it continues to be a problem, then we have them come up with a plan to bring their facility into compliance with respect to the supervision of those children," said Gretchen Komick, who supervises daycare inspections in Kelowna.

Interior Health will do follow-ups at the 15 daycares from the October inspection and does have the authority to close a facility if warranted, said Komick.

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