11/13/2012 04:08 EST | Updated 01/13/2013 05:12 EST

Political Traction: Canadians tuned in to U.S. elections

Jaime Watt joins CBC News Network Power & Politics host Evan Solomon each week to look at how issues making waves in Ottawa resonate with Canadians.

Monitoring the House of Commons' question period, mainstream media and the conversation on social media, Watt and his team at Navigator Ltd. determine which issues gained the most attention in official Ottawa, and then measure how much traction those issues managed to find with Canadians outside the nation's capital.

This week: Canadians were overwhelmingly taken with the outcome and aftermath of the U.S. election, which was also the top issue in official Ottawa. Other topics making the Traction radar this week include Prime Minister Stephen Harper's trip to Asia and the latest allegations out of the corruption inquiry in Quebec.

Watch the full episode above. Here are the numbers for the week of Nov. 5: