Metro Vancouver diners, grab your Wet-Naps. Voting has begun for the 5th Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards, and it's your duty to help choose the best.

Founded in 2008, the Chinese Restaurant Awards hand out two sets of honours: Critics' Choice Awards and Diner's Choice Awards.

First place unofficially comes with Chinese-style, in-your-face bragging rights. Expiration date: never.

Seven judges are tasked this year to select winners of the the critics' choice awards. According to the awards' website, gold-winning signature dishes are marked for their "excellence of ingredients, cooking skills, and taste."

Today, the awards, both critics' and diners', are valued as an go-to index of Chinese must-eats. Everything from Northern to Hakka to Sichuan cuisine is available to hungry diners, locals or tourists, who seek it.

Diners can cast their ballots in 18 diverse (and delicious) categories. Categories include:

  • Best pan-fried Shanghaiese bun

  • Best Northern Chinese restaurant

  • Best Hong Kong-style restaurant

  • Best vegetarian restaurant

  • Best dim sum restaurant

This is your time to help recognize the best Chinese food in the Lower Mainland.

Was that xiaolong bao you had six months ago still lingering in your mind? Were you moved to tears after tasting the perfect peking duck?

You have until Jan. 4, 2013 to choose your favourites online. Winners will be announced Jan. 7, 2013.

Whet your appetite with a visual tasting of past winning and nominated dishes:

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  • Sautéed Buddha Feast

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Dynasty Seafood Restaurant</strong>. 108-777 West Broadway, Vancouver

  • Taiwanese Beef Noodle

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 Championship Beef Shank with Noodle in Spicy Soup. From <strong>Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle</strong>. Aberdeen Centre, Richmond.

  • Pan-Fried Shanghainese Bun

  • B.C. Dungeness Crab

    Sautéed B.C. Dungeness Crabs & Mixed Mushrooms with Amoy Premium Soy From <strong>The Jade Seafood Restaurant </strong>. 8511 Alexandra Rd., Richmond.

  • Salt & Pepper Pork Loin

  • Stir fried Prawns With Eggs

  • Wonton In Spicy Sauce

    From Shanghai Shanghai, Aberdeen Centre.

  • Stewed Alberta Ox-Tail With Red Wine

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Golden Swan Restaurant.</strong> 5380 Victoria Dr., Vancouver.

  • Dongpo Style Braised Alberta Pork With Amoy Sauce

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Shiang Garden Chinese Restaurant</strong>. 2200-4540 No.3 Road, Richmond

  • Steamed Ginger Milk

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Landmark Hotpot House</strong>. 8511 Alexandra Rd., Richmond.

  • Stir Fried Garlic Bolt With Hunan Smoked Pork

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Alvin Garden</strong>. 4850 Imperial St., Burnaby.

  • Hot Pot Soya Sauce Chicken

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Big Chef Restaurant</strong>. #1060-8580 Alexandra Rd., Richmond.

  • Pan-Fried Prawns With Soy

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant</strong>. 150-8888 River Rd., Richmond

  • Fried Squab

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Sea Harbour Restaurant</strong>. 150-8888 River Rd., Richmond.

  • Pan-Fried Fresh Oyster With Soya Sauce

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant. 8071 Park Rd., Richmond.

  • Stir-Fried Tiger Prawns With Minced Pork And Eggplant

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Bamboo Grove</strong>. 6920 No.3 Rd., Richmond.

  • Pork Stomach & Ginko Long-Boiled Soup

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Bamboo Grove</strong>. 6920 No. 3 Rd., Richmond.

  • Tea Smoked Duck

    CRITICS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Landmark Hotpot House</strong>. 4023 Cambie St., Vancouver

  • Conge

    DINERS' CHOICE WINNER 2012 From <strong>Congee Noodle House</strong>. 141-143 East Broadway, Vancouver

  • Under Bridge Spicy Crab

  • Xiaolong Bao

  • Hot Pot

  • Egg Tarts

  • Assorted Desserts

  • Shrimp Spring Rolls

  • Spicy Steamed Chicken

  • Apple Tarts

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