A video of U.S. teens — produced by an Emmy-winning team — reacting to Canadian teen Amanda Todd's heart-wrenching story on YouTube has reignited the bullying debate.

"That's really f*cked up," said 16-year-old Adam while watching the first few minutes of Todd's video that chronicles years of online and physical bullying.

"I would try to help if I had a chance to," said 16-year-old DJ.

Last month, Todd's suicide shone an international spotlight on bullying. On Sunday, hundreds gathered in her hometown of Port Coquitlam, B.C. to celebrate the teen, just days before what would have been her 16th birthday.

The video was produced by Los Angeles-based production team, The Fine Brothers. Benny and Rafi Fine are behind YouTube's successful "Teens React" series and decided to interview 11 teens about their reactions to Todd's video for their 100th episode.

"Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)" has already reached over 500,000 views since it was uploaded Sunday.

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  • A Facebook post from <a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151108737498527&set=pb.245559443526.-2207520000.1349995284&type=1&theater">G Force Gym - Home of the Vancouver All Stars</a>: "Today we feel the loss of our former VAS family member Amanda... I ask that we all watch her video and share her story so that her loss is not in vain. Allow this to be her legacy... Allow us all to look around & find the next Amanda before another precious spunky teenager is lost. We have a responsibility today... Is there a kid in your school that made a mistake and is being shunned? Your challenge is to be a LEADER ... Be the Game Changers you are and sit with them today... reach out... smile... let them know that they are NOT alone in this harsh world. It's always EASY to do the EASY thing; we teach you to NOT do what is easy and instead, do what is right!! You will be surprised, how many people will follow YOU when you stick up for what is Right and honorable AND, forgiving those that have made mistakes in their YOUTH is the RIGHT thing to do!! Please share Amands's Story... SHARE IT & LIVE IT!"