It's official. The Calgary Stampeders will be making their way to Toronto to face the Argonauts in next week's Grey Cup game.

And it's not just the teams that have something on the line in the championship game. Calgary's mayor Naheed Nenshi has floated a wager to his Toronto counterpart Rob Ford on the big game.

UPDATE: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has accepted Nenshi's bet. Ford replied to Nenshi's tweet on Monday morning. "You'll look great in #Argo blue," Ford wrote to Nenshi.

Mayor Rob Ford
I'll take the bet. You'll look great in blue!

Nenshi, on Sunday night, took to Twitter and asked Calgarians what he should bet with Ford.

Naheed Nenshi
But, answer me this, fair Calgarians: what should I bet on the ? Use hashtag rather than @ replies please.

Twitter was more than willing to give Nenshi suggestions, while others were just happy to poke a little fun at Toronto's beleaguered mayor.

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Of course, Mayor Nenshi made an eminently reasonable and hard-to-resist suggestion that will help those in need in either city and mixes in a bit of public humiliation as well. The loser will donate his weight in food to a food bank and be forced to wear the other team's jersey at an upcoming council meeting.

Naheed Nenshi
The loser donating their weight in food to the winner's food bank. Plus jersey swap for a council mtg. What say you, ?

Toronto's mayor is a well-known football fan. During a visit to Edmonton earlier this year he found time to take in an Eskimos game and even placed a bet with Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel. That particular wager did not end well for Ford.

Ford has also been criticized for missing council meetings, skipping out on court appearances and basically dropping everything else he's doing to coach his high school football team, the Don Bosco Eagles. He's also been accused of inappropriately using his influence and office resources to help out his squad.

Naheed Nenshi, on the other hand, won't even skip out on a budget meeting to see the Stampeders play the Argonauts next weekend. Where are your priorities Mr. Mayor?