In the grand history of Christmas villains, there's plenty of scrooges to choose from. You've got the Grinch, Bumble (the Yeti who taunted Rudolph) and of course Ebeneezer Scrooge, among others.

Perhaps it was this league of holiday bad guys that inspired a Kingston, Ont. man who allegedly got his humbug on last weekend.

A 24-year-old man was arrested at the town's Santa Claus Parade on Nov. 17 after allegedly showing up drunk and telling kids Santa isn't real.

Police were able to identify the reported Grinch by his hairstyle — fashioned to look like horns sprouting from his head.

His official charges are Causing a Disturbance by Being Drunk, Breach of Probation and a Liquor Licence Act offence of Public Intoxication, according to the Kingston Police.

In Christmas stories, the villain often has a change of heart (such as growing three sizes, that day). Perhaps this young Scrooge was visited by three ghosts, but only if they could make it into the holding cell where he spent the rest of the evening.

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  • Naughty: NHL Owners

    Santa is very angry about what's going on with the NHL. "They should act more like adults than spoiled children," he says. Therefore, people like NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Calgary Flames co-owner Murray Edwards (shown here) would be solidly on the naughty list.

  • Naughty: NHL Players

    But it's not just the owners who are experiencing Santa's wrath, it's "everybody in this business." So sorry, Boston Bruins, Maple Leafs, Candiens et al — you'll be finding lumps of coal in your stockings this year.

  • Nice: Nelly Furtado

    Santa is a big fan of those who help people and volunteer, so Nelly Furtado, who acts as a Me to We ambassador and is a huge advocate for clean water for all, fits into that category ... nicely.

  • Naughty: Politicians

    "All politicians are on my naughty list, no matter what party they belong to," says Santa. "Because no one seems to be able to tell you what’s happening at the right time and be honest about it."

  • Nice: Simon Whitfield

    Smiles are high on the priorities for Santa's nice list, and just try to find a picture of triathlete Simon Whitfield when he's not grinning ear to ear. His reputation even inspired the athlete who fell behind him at the Olympics <a href="">to write a heartwarming letter</a>, reminding everyone what the Olympic spirit is all about.

  • Naughty: Rihanna

    Based on her recent performance in Toronto, Santa placed the musician on his naughty list. "It struck me as a little too much gyration at the wrong time of the day," he says.

  • Nice: Michael J. Fox

    Besides being somewhat universally recognized as the nicest guy in the world, Michael J. Fox's charitable efforts and beaming smile tick off two of Santa's criteria, so he's hitting up the nice list — we imagine it's not the first time.

  • Naughty: Margaret Atwood

    Look, we're withholding judgment on this one, but who are we to tell Santa he's wrong? Margaret Atwood might be Canada's greatest literary treasure, but Santa is really against technology taken to the extreme — and we're fairly certain <a href="">Atwood's LongPen</a>, which she uses to sign books for her fans both near as far, <a href="">as well as her extensive use of Twitter</a>, would be a no-go in Santa's books.

  • Nice: Lisa Ray

    The actress and host of the past season's Top Chef Canada is <a href="">unfailingly lovely in interviews</a>, has battled cancer, and now raises money for the cause along with her new husband. Nice? Oh yes.

  • Naughty: Rob Ford

    As a politician, Rob Ford sort of automatically gets on Santa's naughty list, but we're thinking his unwillingness to answer questions falls squarely on the side of "spin," another of Santa's pet peeves.

  • Nice: Justin Bieber

    Santa loves his "pleases" and "thank yous," so Justin Bieber's place as second on the best mannered list "for consistently showing courtesy to his fans" gets a checklist by the man in red.

  • Naughty: Justin Bieber

    However, we can't ignore all the rumours swirling around our favourite teen dreamboat, as his and Selena Gomez's break-up gets covered more and more widely. We hope you come out of this on top, Justin!

  • Nice: Helene Campbell

    The gal <a href="">who endured the wait and eventually operation</a> for a double-lung transplant with a massive smile on her face throughout is deserving of a whole lot more than getting on the nice list — but that's all Santa's currently offering.

  • Naughty: Gerald Tremblay

    Former Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay <a href="">left the office amid a corruption scandal</a>, and Santa, who hates hypocrisy and arrogance, would not approve.

  • Naughty: Amber MacArthur

    Well, it's possible he changed his mind after meeting the lovely Amber MacArthur (left), but the TV host and author is unabashedly obsessed with technology, and in Santa's words, "give technology a break sometimes."

  • Nice: Sarah Polley

    Actress, writer and director Sarah Polley has been in the spotlight since the age of 4, but you'd never guess it from the way this down-to-earth woman behaves. And this falls right in line with Santa's view that you "should not think you're any better than anybody else, regardless of what you do for a living."