11/21/2012 01:19 EST | Updated 01/21/2013 05:12 EST

Abbotsford Liberal nomination triggers resignations

The six member board of the B.C. Liberal riding association for Abbotsford-South has resigned over what it says is the party's plan to acclaim criminologist Darryl Plecas as the B.C. Liberal candidate.

Stephen Evans, the now-former president of the association, says the party intends to appoint Plecas and did not tell him or the other board members.

He claims the only reason Plecas is being appointed is because he could not beat popular local Abbotsford Coun. Moe Gill in a fair and open nomination contest.

"They decided they didn't want a fair and democratic process. They wanted a person who's had no experience with politics. He's completely untested," said Evans.

Plecas says he does expect to be acclaimed on Thursday night, but that's because as far he knows, he's the only person who handed in the required paperwork to be nominated, even though the riding association seemed keen to have Gill chosen.

"What I've worked at is trying to get people who are interested in supporting me as a candidate," said Plecas, who teaches at the University of the Fraser Valley.

The riding is currently held by former Liberal MLA John Van Dongen, who briefly joined the B.C. Conservative Party before electing to sit as an independent MLA.