CALGARY - A class-action lawsuit has been launched in Calgary against Cineplex for allegedly not honouring cheap Tuesday pricing.

The plaintiff Matthew Starchuk says he was charged full price to see "The Amazing Spider-Man" on July 3, even though it was a Tuesday and he read online that tickets that night were to be discounted.

He claims Cineplex's advertising did not note any restrictions for the discount.

Starchuk says an employee at the Cineplex theatre he attended told him the discount wasn't available because of the U.S. Fourth of July holiday.

The next day, Starchuk says another Cineplex employee told him contractual agreements prevented the company from discounting tickets on the holiday.

The law firm Docken and Company is encouraging any other filmgoers who paid full price on a Tuesday at a Cineplex theatre to join the class-action suit.

The statement of claim alleges Cineplex did not ensure its advertising was "truthful, complete, transparent, responsible and accessible to their customers and potential customers."

A spokeswoman for Cineplex said the company had no comment on the suit. But she did say Cineplex has no restrictions on its Tuesday discounting based on U.S. holidays.

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