Edmonton Fire Rescue had a nerve-wracking task ahead of them this Tuesday, when they pulled a dog from the freezing waters of the North Saskatchewan River.

A woman was walking her dog Bella in Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park in Edmonton near the North Saskatchewan when Bella ran onto a frozen section of the river, Global News reports.

Bella fell into the icy river and emergency services were called. The dog swam and tried to stay afloat as rescue teams made their way into the water.

Bella was pulled into a raft by rescue officials, wrapped in a blanket and reunited with her owner, Ninmsn reported.

“It's part of the job,” Cpt. Terry Letcher, with Edmonton Fire Rescue told Global News, “but you also feel good when something like this turns out this way. We see a lot of bad stuff on our job so when we get a happy event like this, it's quite good.”

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