11/21/2012 10:48 EST | Updated 01/21/2013 05:12 EST

Montreal police launch plan to deal with conjugal violence

Montreal police have released a five-year action plan to tackle conjugal violence in the city.

"No human being, no child deserves this kind of suffering. Together, we can work to make sure this violence is not repeated," said police chief Marc Parent.

Montreal police receive close to 15,000 calls involving conjugal violence every year and almost half of the incidents end up in the judicial system.

Const. Vincent Richer said recognizing which situations are urgent can be challenging.

"We want to make sure police officers know how to deal with these situations," he said.

At the moment, each local police station has one officer who is trained to deal with conjugal abuse.

The force plans to expand its program to focus more on prevention as well as training on how to recognize the warning signs of conjugal violence.

The plan's ultimate goal is to reduce conjugal violence, while also providing assistance to families with the help of community partners.

As part of the action plan, officers will be trained alongside members of the community.

Richer said this will give community partners an opportunity to create links and improve their intervention on the field.

The Quebec Federation of Women's Shelters said it is happy to work with police.

The federation hopes that members will have an opportunity to share their own experiences from dealing with victims of domestic abuse.