Canada is in trouble because Albertans are running the country, said Justin Trudeau in a two-year-old interview unearthed by Sun News.

The French language interview was conducted by Patrick Lagace on the Tele-Quebec program Les francs-tireurs (The Sharp Shooters) in Nov. 2010.

"Canada isn't doing well right now because it's Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn't work," Trudeau told Lagace, who then asked the Liberal leadership forerunner if he thought Canada was "better served when there are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans?"

"I'm a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes. Certainly when we look at the great prime ministers of the 20th century, those that really stood the test of time, they were MPs from Quebec... This country - Canada - it belongs to us."

Public reaction to Trudeau's comment has been swift, with many on social media channels launching pointed attacks at the Liberal contender.


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  • TheMajor

    Trudeau really stepped into it in Alberta eh? Quebec leader????

  • Paul McLeod

    No one outside of Alberta cares that Trudeau dissed Alberta. But the appearance of favoritism for Quebec, that hits a nerve.

  • Karen Robson

    Trudeau said something bad about Alberta. Since when are cowboys so sensitive?

  • Karen Robson

    I'm from Alberta. Trudeau is right.

  • Darren Kirkham

    If anti-Alberta Justin Trudeau is elected, Western Canada should separate.

  • Kelly Robson

    Anti-Alberta Trudeau interview reminds Canadians why the Liberals were voted out

  • Dave Limacher

    Is Justin Trudeau still popular in Alberta today?

  • Zoey Duncan

    Part of me is offended by Trudeau’s anti-Alberta comments. Part of me wonders who are these nasty Albertans giving rest of us a bad name.

  • Տҝ∆₩ナ

    Justin Trudeau just keeps bashing #alberta. If you live in Western Canada and vote for Trudeau,hit yourself with a frying pan. #yeg #yyc

  • Chris_T

    Hey to break it to the tories but if they attack justin trudeau as "anti alberta" it may work for him

  • Peter Mansbridge

    Justin Trudeau found out what it's really like to play in the big leagues today. And Andrew Chantal and Bruce are eager to talk about it.

  • Steve Murray

    If I were Trudeau I would get out in front of this thing and challenge anyone to a boxing match.

  • Susan Delacourt

    I've watched a lot of TV on Trudeau's comments tonight but with rare exceptions, only non-Liberals speaking. What's that about? #cdnpoli

  • Art Middleton

    btw, it's comments like those from Justin Trudeau that convince me Alberta is better off as it's own country.

  • Sean Dicks

    @petermansbridge all the dirty secrets will come out now. It's not even election time! Are the Cons threatened?

  • David Akin

    Long history of English reporters ignoring what happens across the river, my guess. MT @aaronwherry: How did Trudeau comments escape notice

  • Angela

    I said it earlier and I'll say again. Justin Trudeau makes Thomas Mulcair appear sane. #cdnpoli #shinypony #tcot

  • Keith Torrie

    To those upset by Trudeau's Alberta comments remember we have a Prime Minister who said Atlantic Canada has a "culture of defeat". #cdnpoli

  • Wade Prue

    Hold the phones everyone; a Liberal spoke out against western focused political interests. Honestly, I am stunned.

  • Rosalind Robertson

    Let us all learn a valuable PR lesson: Tape never dies. #justintrudeau

  • Manny Montenegrino

    Cause most LPC agree with western bigotry sentiments MT @SusanDelacourt: .only non-Liberals speaking Trudeau's comments. What's that about?

  • Brittany Steele

    Aghhhhh Trudeau *palm face* CTV News: Conservatives seize on Trudeau's Alberta remarks as byelection fight heats up

  • scott faulconbridge

    Justin Trudeau caught on video with anti Albertan slant. SUN NEWS journalists will take turns masterbating to the video for the next week.

  • Nic Ruszkowski

    So Trudeau controversy asks if Laurier, St-Laurent, Trudeau, Mulroney, Chrétien were better for Canada than Bennett, Clark and Harper...

  • Isaac

    Trudeau should just come out and back the stamps in the grey cup. Problem solved.

  • Shaggy

    #nevervoteliberal Ahhh...the old #Trudeau #Liberal #Quebec arrogance comes out again. Justin's comments on AB in 2010

  • Kristy Kirkup

    The govt now wants #LPC to fire Trudeau from his portfolio as critic for amateur sport, suggests 2010 comments were "anti-Alberta" #cdnpoli

  • Clint Upham

    TOstar headline: "Justin Trudeau faces uproar for alleged anti-Alberta comments" Alleged?! He said it! via @PartyOfSunshine cc: @shephardm

  • colin horgan

    The NDP is jumping on the Trudeau Alberta comments, too. @nathancullen speaks to how great Alberta is #hoc

  • Miss June

    Trudeau anti-alberta bias- hardly believe he has changed his tune since 2010. He was raised by his father after all.

  • LeighPatrickSullivan

    Wonder if Harvey Locke knows no good Liberals come from Alberta, according to J Trudeau. #tcot #yyccentre #yyc #abpoli #ShinyPony

  • Darren Kirkham

    Anti Alberta comments "Taken out of context" Justin Trudeau? Proves he is arrogant and delusional. #cdnpoli #abpoli #qcpoli

A statement released by Trudeau's camp answered by saying the comments are being taken out of context by conservatives fearful of a Liberal win in the Calgary Centre by-election on Monday, CTVs Power Play reported.

Until now, the Liberals and the Tories were in a statistical dead heat in the race for Calgary Centre.

"The conservatives are taking out of context statements made years ago in a long interview. They are clearly concerned they are losing the by-election in Calgary Centre and are resorting to smear campaigns to stop their slide," Power Play reports.

"Justin knows that Calgary, Alberta and all of western Canada are at the very heart of Canada's future.. We need to get beyond the divisive politics of the Conservatives and include all Canadians."

Reacting to Trudeau's comments on Power Point, senior MP and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said the opposition MP's statements must serve as a reminder of what he says is at the heart of the Liberal Party's psyche.

"This was the same Liberal Party that brought in the long arm registry and wouldn't let farmers have the freedom to sell their own wheat and bashed the Alberta energy industry at every opportunity, Kenney said in the interview.

"This is not a one-off, this is not just a lapse in judgement, this I think really reflects the core idea that the Liberal Party has towards Alberta."

Trudeau's tone towards Alberta and Alberta politicians this week has been markedly different from what is portrayed in the interview, with him distancing himself Tuesday from an assertion by his party's natural resources critic that Alberta Tories have a protectionist, provincial view of energy policies.

Asked at a campaign appearance in Edmonton what he thought of reported remarks by David McGuinty, Trudeau would not comment directly but stressed his priority is national unity.

"My entire campaign has been about bringing people together, about not pitting region against region and about being a strong representative and a voice that says the same thing in Chicoutimi as we say in downtown Calgary as I'll say in Toronto as I'll say in B.C.," said Trudeau.

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  • Chris Quines

    So #LPC, it appears that you truly HAVE written off #Alberta. Anymore Liberal arrogance to impart? Thanks, David McGuinty. :) #cdnpoli

  • Dave Cournoyer

    MP David McGuinty's comments remind me of Reform Party comments made against Quebec politicians in the 1990s. #cdnpoli #lpc

  • Christopher Bataluk

    Got to love how David McGuinty equates what's good for Canada with what's good for urban centres in Ontario. #typical #cdnpoli #cpc

  • Albertaardvark

    While Justin Trudeau is in #yeg saying one thing, Lib MP David McGuinty is in Ottawa saying another:

  • LeighPatrickSullivan

    Albertans not upset by idiotic statements made by asshat @DavidMcGuinty. Too busy asking 'who the f**k is David McGuinty?' #cdnpoli #abpoli

  • Alex Middleton

    Golly - more helpful and intelligent political commentary coming from #lpc This divisive talk can't be productive.

  • Turner4YYC Team

    David McGuinty, #lpc MP not exactly helping drive a mature national conversation about the energy industry today

  • wakeupalberta

    It is this Liberal vs Conservative CRAP that underscores why we need an honest borker! @theturner #yycCentre

  • Keith Silva

    Thanks, @davecournoyer, for putting the McGuinty rant in context. #yyccentre #cdnpoli #lpc #cpc

  • Dan Arnold

    9 Liberal MPs have flown to AB to help out in #yyccentre byelection. I suspect no one will be inviting David McGuinty

  • Robert W. McBean

    i'm bothered by david mcguinty's comments less than crockatt's lack of regard for open discussion with calgary voters. #yyccentre

  • Jon Wiseman

    david mcguinty has a hard stare.

  • Mike Seager

    "David McGuinty's role as official energy critic should make every Albertan worry." #cdnpoli #onpoli yep

  • Kevin Gaudet

    Dear David McGuinty: high tech Scarborough biz services pipelines - national benefits. Educate yourself.

  • Legacy

    @Crockatteer @PMO_MacDougall David McGuinty is disgusting.

  • DidYouKnow

    @davecournoyer @carter_AB @RobSilver Memo from David McGuinty: Did my comment about AB MPs screw up our chances in CGY Centre? #LPC

  • Joan Crockatt

    Xactly: "@PMO_MacDougall: Hey #yyc voters! Lib David McGuinty has news for AB Only @Crockatteer will stand up for AB."

  • RodSmelser

    @Social_Dem How will Trudeau's CNOOC Takeover stance affect the #yyccentre byelxn? When added to David McGuinty's statements?

  • Average Ape

    #breaking: David McGuinty ensures he will never be considered for #lpc leader ever again. #cdnpoli

  • Mark Abel

    Lib MP David McGuinty says Alberta MPs don't belong in Parliament. Libs clearly haven't learned from their past with AB! #abpoli #cdnpoli

  • Dominic Terry

    David McGuinty should be ashamed of himself for his off-side comments about #AB MP's. #cdnpoli

  • Matt Hopkins

    Disappointed in David McGuinty's comments. He should apologize. #lpc #cdnpoli

  • Mike Pacey

    Hey, David McGuinty why dont u & your dumbass brother come over here & tell us that to our faces." #cdnpoli #ableg”

  • DidYouKnow

    David McGuinty: "They really should go back to Alberta" referring to AB MPs. Cgy Ctr looks real good for Joan. #LPC is "tird" for a reason.

  • Rob Breakenridge

    I'm guessing @harveylockeyyc won't be inviting David McGuinty to come do some doorknocking...

  • Pierre Poilievre

    Shocking anti-Alberta comments from David McGuinty.

  • LeighPatrickSullivan

    So...David McGuinty is a bigtime asshole, eh? #tcot #cdnpoli #abpoli

  • James Valcke

    Sorry, that's David McGuinty tells Alberta to screw of.